Handicap parking important

I’m writing this letter to express appreciation for the city workers and City Council.

I attended a council meeting in April about the handicap parking in our city. I informed them that that the three segments of Main Street had 158 parking spaces and only seven handicap parking spots—with one main “no show” in front of the pharmacy.

Their response was, “They never thought about it.” So I asked them to consider putting in two in front of the pharmacy. They said they would look into it and let me know the next meeting.

The next meeting, I was informed that one would be put in. Well, I was really looking for two, but one is better than none.

It took six months (I was told it was because of Covid19 and getting the “right paint” to arrive.)

Thank you, Goldendale City Council and Larry Bellamy.

Kay Garner Schmidt



He's at it again

Commissioner Dan Christopher’s unstable, vindictive behavior continues.

It was not enough for Mr. Christopher to flip off a lady who disagreed with him in a public meeting.

Now he has sent out at least two emails—from his county commissioner email address—accusing Greg Wagner of being a racist and bigot based on hearsay reports, stemming from comments someone made on a KLCK call-in program.

When Mr. Wagner confronted him about the accusation during a commissioners’ meeting, Christopher’s response was that he had not accused Mr. Wagner of being a racist and bigot but rather had merely reported what had been told to the commissioners. But the emails he sent has what he alleges was reported in quotation marks. Reminiscent of his campaign tactics, he told a partial truth to create a complete lie. The following is directly from both emails and is completely in Mr. Christopher’s own words:

“Mr. Wagner has now publicly shown himself to be a racist and bigot. I will make sure the world knows this on our radio show tomorrow and in releasing this to the press. Mr. Wagner (The founder and head of CEASE) is now on the record as being an untrustworthy racist and bigot.”

Mr. Wagner inquired of KLCK if they recalled the incident. The following was KLCK’s response:

“Greg, I can say with 100% certainty that it was not you [who made the racist comment]. I know who it was, and it was not you.” (The response came from Shannon Milburn at KLCK.)

Too bad Christopher did not bother with some fact-checking. It took me less than an hour to collect documentation.

Then to double down on character defamation, during the meeting Christopher accused Mr. Wagner of the crime of wiretapping. No evidence, just Christopher’s personal accusation.

Regardless of how a citizen approaches the commissioners, Christopher’s responses are grievous and beneath someone who should show calm, analytical, unbiased leadership.

What legal liability has he created for the county? Has he reached the level of malfeasance?

I wish I had been wrong about Dan Christopher. And I sure miss Jim Sizemore as my commissioner.

David West



We're all grateful

We would like to second Darrel Watson’s letter last week in praise of the project earlier in the month at the first curve on Pipeline Drive. The work included a berm lined with quarry spawl on the south side of the road that promises to control flooding from heavy rains that have historically caused damaging runoff down Glover Avenue and across Pipeline onto private lands. As part of this preventative measure, a crown was installed on Glover to direct water more effectively into runoff drains at the bottom of the long hill. The paving on the curve involved a heavy felt-type underlayment that, as we understand it, was designed to stop water incursions into the soil under the asphalt, providing better support in winter and preventing heaving and cracking of the surface due to freezing. The work was completed with admirable skill, design, efficiency, and care, and with minimal interruption of traffic flow.

There were a lot of moving parts necessary to coordinate, and the project was complicated by the fact that Pipeline Drive runs through two jurisdictions at that curve: Klickitat County and the City of Goldendale. We appreciate the Klickitat County and Goldendale Public Works Departments for their considerable efforts, especially Gordie Kelsey, the county engineer whose designs made the flood berm work (and look good); Pioneer Surveying and Engineering; and in particular Goldendale City Administrator Larry Bellamy, who organized the whole thing and got all the parties involved talking to one another and planning.

The entire neighborhood is grateful.

Terry and Deb Stone