You don't stop driving

Can vehicles cause highway fires? Yes, they can. Now that you know your car could cause a highway fire, are going to stop driving? Almost certainly, no.

And why not? It’s because highway fires are so rare, generally, we are unconcerned and choose the benefits of using cars for transportation.

Can solar panels cause fires? Yes, they can. Now that you know that solar panels could cause a fire, will you now decide against a solar-electric home or a solar farm, just because they might be fire hazards?

Just like highway fires caused by faulty vehicles, fires caused by faulty solar installations are rare. Of over 2 million solar installations over 20 years, 120 caused a fire. That’s 0.006 percent.

Check out the website to learn more about the risk of fire from solar installations. References to multiple studies are included.

Steve Heitmann

White Salmon