Calm and sensible leadership

When I was mayor of Goldendale, Miland and I were on the Economic Development Advisory Board together, and he was a big proponent to reach economic development milestones for Goldendale. Miland has worked with U.S. senators, members of Congress, the governor's office, Washington State legislators, different state departments, as well as other cities on economic development issues for many years. Miland also served on the State Community Economic Revitalization Board. Miland has done a lot for Goldendale by establishing these positive working relationships with so many levels of government, and that’s why I support him for Re-Election to the Goldendale City Council.

Mark Sigfrinius

Former Mayor of Goldendale


They're not the same

I was deeply troubled by the confessed act of vandalism that was the destruction of the Black Lives Matter mural at the WAGAP office in Goldendale.

Even more disturbing was another opinion letter about the BLM mural. This letter compared BLM as a symbol to be “the same as painting the Nazi swastika.”

BLM and the counter protests have been associated with 25 deaths.

The swastika, as a symbol of the Nazis, represents a group that was responsible for the deaths of 11 million people. There are mass graves, there are gas chambers, there are piles of gold fillings pulled from their victims’ teeth that are proof of this atrocity, with 300,000 gold teeth being pulled from 80,000 dead inmates at the Oranienburg-Sachsenhausen concentration camp alone.

Interpreting BLM as a symbol of hate and comparing it to the swastika is the worst kind of historical whitewashing. Black Lives is firmly rooted in the civil rights movement and bears no relation the Nazis genocide whatsoever. One is a symbol of protest for the oppressed, and the other is a symbol for the perpetrators of one the greatest atrocities of all time.

I cannot believe that this comparison would ever occur to someone. It makes me physically ill. I would hope someone with even the most basic understanding of history would know how wrong this analogy is, understand that, although the protests have been messy, the message of BLM is an important one.

Unity is not achieved through ignorance.

Abigail Spring



Let's win this war

World War III is underway. The enemy has breached all international borders, including the U.S. An amoral psychopath, this enemy maims and kills without regard to age, gender, or race—690,000 Americans have been murdered; millions more endure long-term injuries.

Worse, a few Americans are willingly assisting the enemy. They’re flying a false flag, claiming that aiding and abetting this enemy will promote “freedom” and assure their “rights.” No one under American law has the “right” to be an accomplice to murder or the “right” to intentionally injure someone. Neither does “freedom” in America include driving without a license, selling or using illegal drugs, illegally firing a firearm, and other similar limitations on our freedom.

Such limitations on our rights and freedom serve to protect the general public, including you and me.

The enemy is the SARS-Cov-2 virus. It has rapidly mutated 13 times in less than 18 months. If this enemy isn’t neutralized, a mutation could emerge that evades every weapon we now have to destroy it. Think of the tens of millions who could then be maimed or die. Just imagine the devastating effect on our families, friends, social lives, and on our economy.

We wouldn’t tolerate soldiers invading our country, aided by a few Americans, murdering citizens. Why should we act any differently because the murderous invader is a virus?

Vaccination is the only weapon that can currently destroy this enemy. People who refuse vaccination are mutation incubators. End the war before it’s too late—get vaccinated now!

Steve Heitmann

White Salmon