Let's get this behind us

Your printing of a letter from Steve Johnson is a disgrace. It can serve no good purpose but to rile up your readers with its disproven conspiracy theories.

Mr. Johnson can have his opinion on mask wearing and the hard things we have all done to stop this scourge, but he cannot make false statements on the issues on my watch.

Here are the facts. Through hard decisions made by our governor, the State of Washington, which is the 13th largest state in population, has done a commendable job. To date our state is in 29th position for total Covid-19 cases. We started at number 1. This is the true success story. Our hard work has saved many, many of our fellow Washingtonians a gruesome death.

Please refrain from your printing of such drivel that Mr. Johnson is spewing. We must get this pandemic behind us.

Thomas Wilson


(Editor’s note: One man’s drivel is another man’s sincere point of view. Johnston’s remarks were edited to clearly denote they were his opinions, not necessarily facts.)


Finally some assistance

The recently passed Covid 19 Rescue Plan includes a Safety Net for Children, the first in our nation’s history. This is essentially an antipoverty legislation which will cut the child poverty rate by approximately half. Ninety-four percent of all families with children will qualify with an expanded tax credit to $3,600 per child under 6 and $3,000 for children between 6 and 18. Unlike previous child tax credits, this credit will be provided to families without taxable income in the form of monthly checks and thus will benefit the poorest of children. Thanks to Biden and our Democratic legislators, our poorest and most vulnerable will finally receive some badly needed assistance.

Sandy Montag

White Salmon


An ode to wind

Golden, Golden, Goldendale, Center, Center, Centerville

is the most windiest place of all. Around

here you have to be more than 70 pounds.

Oh, Goldendale Centerville, we are windier

than Chicago. You might find a frog or

two up against a wall. Where wind mills

lose their tops and the wind never stops.

But when it does, things look mighty

funny. Aunt Lou just lost her bunny. Oh

say so long to your new hat and good

bye to your old cat. Oh, it’s the only

place you’ll find cars with sails going

through the fields. You’ll find flying saucers

going through the sky—oh wait, those

are garbage cans. Your barn has moved

20 inches to the left and animals are

only growing hair on one side. If you ever

face the wind, you’re definitely need a

chiropractor on your side. So if you ever

visit Goldendale or even Centerville, prepare

yourself to be blown away in many different


Larissa Tellian, 17, and Louanne Linden, 10, sisters


They were great

We would like to say a great big thanks to all the staff who were at the fairgrounds.

They did an amazing job out there. It was so organized. We need to be very proud of every one of them. They made the experience of getting our two Covid shots a very easy and stress-free process. They did a wonderful job of making us feel relaxed.

And also eager to get our shots. Both times we were lucky enough to have no side effects and didn’t even feel the shots when they were given. After all the horror stories of what is going on in other counties, we are very thankful to be living in Klickitat County.

We appreciate each and every one of you.

Larry and Brenda Pegram

Pam Ward