We speak, but who's listening?

During the application process, the Husum/BZ Community voiced their opposition to Under Canvas’ proposal to develop a large 95-site resort on land zoned Forest Resource bordering the Wild and Scenic White Salmon River.

Hearings Examiner Andrew Kottkamp stated, “Public input legitimizes the application process.” However, Under Canvas and the Hearings Examiner dismissed the overwhelming community opposition by either claiming that public opposition is irrelevant or by not acknowledging the public opposition in the written decision. Since public testimony was not included in the written decision, here is a summary:

1) There were over 80 written submissions from concerned citizens of the White Salmon Valley in opposition, with only three letters expressing neutrality or support. During the public hearing, there were 33 community members’ testimony opposing the project and one was neutral. Public safety (inadequate roads/extreme fire danger) were the major issues.

2) In the Hearings Examiner’s report, no mention was made concerning the near unanimous opposition, nor is there any accountability to elected officials since the BOCC recused themselves.

3) This proposal represents the future of western Klickitat County. This resort would set a precedent for other large-scale developments on resource land, thereby eroding agricultural and recreational uses of the wild and scenic White Salmon River.

Under Canvas’ proposed resort is not wanted nor appropriate on Oak Ridge. Under Canvas continued push for this resort speaks loudly to their disregard of the people who make Husum/BZ their home.

Thomas Woodward



The perfect choice

I’m writing this letter to support Miland Walling’s re-election for Goldendale City Council.  When I think of Miland, I think of calm, sensible leadership with no political agenda. Miland ran for office of city council and was elected in 2017 and has served a four-year term from 2018 through 2021.

Mr. Walling has accomplished many things in his term, but I will just mention a few here today.

At present, Miland is working with the Goldendale Fire Department, and he has been fire commissioner for 26 years on FPD No. 2, in addition to his 40 years as a volunteer fireman.

He has set up a number of meetings, such as one with the Columbia Gorge Community College and the superintendent of Goldendale schools to talk about apprenticeship vocational training for graduating students.

Miland has done a lot of public relations for the pumped storage project and organized tours and meetings with 45 top officials of Washington State, including Gov. Inslee. Another was when he organized a tour with several state officials to visit Goldendale’s KVH hospital and the Goldendale Observatory.

Mr. Walling is on a few boards for the city council, two of which are the airport board and the Columbia Gorge Housing Authority.

By re-electing Miland Walling, he can continue working on city projects , and that’s why we need to keep Miland on the Goldendale city council.

Diana Notestine



Calm, sensible leadership

I’m writing to support Miland Walling for Re-Election to the Goldendale City Council. He is a calm and sensible leader who has worked extensively for the City to improve economic development. In the past year, he has brought several state officials to tour our local projects for energy, tourism, veterans’ affairs, and state parks. Staff from the State Department of Commerce, State Director of Veterans Affairs Alfie Alvarado, and Lt. Gov. Denny Heck have all visited Goldendale on Miland’s request, resulting in the Goldendale Observatory, the pumped storage project, and the American Legion the kind of positive exposure required for continuing support of these economic development initiatives not only at the local level, but also at the state and federal levels. 

As a current council member, Miland continues working to further the economic development of the City with his experience at all levels of government—and that is why he is a great choice for re-election to the Goldendale City Council. 

Lucille Bevis