Mutual respect

We are a group of diverse faith leaders who feel called to speak at this historic moment. Some of us have lived in Klickitat County and the Gorge for decades – others of us are relative newcomers. We all love this community and are committed to seeing it thrive.

We recognize that these are times of great uncertainty: distrust of facts, the government, and each other as viral vectors, just to name a few.  We have grown intensely polarized and hold assumptions about each other that keep us isolated.

As faith leaders, we want to remind everyone that we share many common values. The sacredness of all creation—human and otherwise. Cooperation, compassion and justice. We all want to leave a sustainable legacy for our children and future generations.

Our history here is rich with examples of people caring for one another and coming together to make life on the shores of the Columbia River work. Now, more than ever, we recognize how interdependent we are and how important essential workers are for our common life.  We have respect for the rich diversity of skills needed for our communities to flourish. We have perseverance and resilience in the face of challenges—this last year shows us that.

As we near the Nov. 3 election, we are calling on all our elected officials to serve and protect all people of this region equally, to commit to the rule of law, and abide by official election results.

We are also calling on the people of this region to commit ourselves to love, patience, and faithful engagement with one another. We call on our community to stand together against any mistreatment of those most vulnerable among us.

We believe this community is full of compassionate, dedicated people. Let’s come together in these uncertain times for the good for all.

The Mt. Adams Ministerial Association

She protects the outdoors

After months of quarantines and social distancing, getting outside into nature has never felt so important. It’s useful to take advantage of the opportunity and enjoy the great outdoors while we can. That is why I am so pleased our Congresswoman, Jaime Herrera Beutler, joined her colleagues in passing the Great American Outdoors Act, which addresses the billion dollar maintenance backlog on federal lands. This historic legislation is a huge win for our public lands, outdoor recreation, and economy. With the Gifford Pinchot Forest in our backyard, this will be a much-needed investment. Since Herrera Beutler grew up here, I am sure she knows how precious our natural resources are in southwest Washington. Thank you, Congresswoman, for your support of our public lands.

David Johnson


Hands down choice

I found Dan Christopher to be the candidate of choice for the District 3 county commissioner seat, after watching the League of Woman’s Voters candidate forum. Unlike our other county races this fall, this race is made up of two Republican candidates. With Covid-19 still prevalent, this will be our only chance to see first-hand who these candidates are, and what they stand for. I encourage every voter to go online and watch this candidate forum video for themselves.

There were stark differences between the two Republican candidates in age, health, and vision for our county. Mr. Sizemore seemed tired, and looked to be reading from note cards, while Mr. Christopher seemed spry, personable, and spoke directly to the voters. I found that Mr. Sizemore had no real ideas, or solutions to the issues posed to the candidates. While Mr. Christopher on the other hand brought bold ideas, and fixes for county issues that I didn’t even know we had.

To me, Dan Christopher was the hands-down winner.

Watching the video, it’s easy to see why Mr. Christopher won 9 out of 10 precincts, by such large vote numbers in the primary election. It’s encouraging to see a fresh-faced bipartisan candidate who will stand up for our people after decades of neglect in District 3. Lord knows our people need it.

With the troubling times that we find ourselves in, Mr. Christopher gives me hope for a better future for the residents of Klickitat County.

Patricia Rager


We need him

I am not a big letter writer to our local newspaper, but feel it is important to express my support for Jim Sizemore for District 3 Commissioner.

In my 16 years as a commissioner, I learned although you may not always agree with the other commissioners, you need to work together in order to reach consensus. Friction does not and will not get the work done, nor will it serve the  best interests of the county and its citizens.  I feel this is where we are headed if Jim is not re-elected.

I have always been impressed when a candidate shows community involvement with serving in organizations and giving back to the community. Jim has volunteered with 4-H, FFA, Klickitat County Fair Board Member/Volunteer, Klickitat County Livestock Growers, Volunteer fireman and Past President of the WA State Cattlemen’s Association, just to name a few.

With timber and agriculture being such huge industries in Klickitat County, we need a commissioner with experience and knowledge in these areas.  Jim’s knowledge and background are extensive in each of these areas.

Honesty, integrity, and truthfulness are important qualities, all of which Jim brings to the office of commissioner.  It will truly be a loss for Klickitat County and its citizens if Jim is not re-elected.

Ray Thayer


There's a problem

Records show that over 2 million men and women served during the Vietnam war. Almost a half million were exposed to combat, and over 50,000 died. Many returned with broken bodies, twisted psychologies, and unable to understand or connect with society and families they had left. This continues with the vets returned from Iraq, Afghanistan, and other unnamed conflicts. Their sacrifice and the sacrifices of those who love and support them will continue for years.

We learned in a recent article in The Atlantic Monthly, verified by major news agencies including Fox News, that our commander in chief, Donald Trump, privately regards those who have answered our country’s call “losers” and “suckers.” Appalling, but not surprising, coming from one who dodged the draft by multiple medical deferrals. Bone spurs, sure. As a disabled Vietnam-era veteran, I have a problem with that. I understand how, not knowing Trump and hoping for something different and possibly better, people voted for him in 2016. However, we have listened to his 20-per-day lies, (factchecked by The Washington Post) and seen how we are alienated from, laughed at, and pitied by our historical allies around the world. His gross mishandling of the Corona 19 pandemic and the subsequent unnecessary deaths as well as his support of the ultrawealthy at the taxpayers expense is inexcusable. And yet he continues, splitting the country into warring factions with his incessant lies and false accusations.

The Bible says, “A tree is known by its fruit.” We have tasted this fruit, and it is bitter.

Brent Boykin-Hicks


A great team

We are so fortunate to be represented by two of the State’s most qualified Legislators for these very big positions. Both have been not only elected by us constituents but selected by their fellow legislators to serve on two of the most powerful Committees—Appropriations and Labor. Rep. Mosbrucker was also selected to be Deputy Caucus Chair of all the State House Republicans, the powerful position that determines when and if bills get debated and voted upon.

Congresswoman Herrera Beutler, working first up through District-level positions, has been serving us on a federal level for 10 years. She has proved her leadership constantly getting key bills passed and was out of Washington’s 12 members of Congress ranked “most effective” for championing solutions for jobs, affordable health care and preserving the way of life that makes our area special.

They both have the very unique skills of getting bipartisan support from fellow conservatives of both parties of the bills they sponsor and daily negotiate for us.  We all benefit from the professional respect they each have earned and need them to continue to successfully fight for us in these senior level positions.

Adrian Bradford


What has she done?

Our community is suffering, not only a public health crisis, but an economic one. Our small businesses and working families are hurting. And at a time where the need for healthcare is as important as ever, Rep. Jamie Herrera Beutler voted to support the lawsuit to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

We need leadership that will fight hard for every single one of us. In the past 10 years, our representative has chosen party over us, the people, time and time again. What has she done for us? Our community is hurting too much from her lack of leadership to let it keep happening. I’m supporting Carolyn Long because I know she will fight hard for our access to affordable healthcare, the wellbeing of our small businesses, and to expand opportunities that will lift us out of this economic crisis.

Carolyn Phillips


No more terror

For months, we have been told by leftist politicians and mainstream media that we must accept a “new normal.” Who dictates this “new normal” and ensures its acceptance? The leftist politicians, the mainstream media, and the crazed, violent mobs that have terrorized American cities for the past 130 days and nights, that’s who.

Actually, it’s the roving gangs of terrorists who make the demands, while the morally superior media excuse their crimes and downplay just how bad they really are. Some far-left politicians, like AOC, cheer on the rioters as they literally tear down our nation. Other left-leaning leaders cave into the demands of the mobs out of cowardice. Citizens are reeling from confusion and fear. If this is the “new normal,” I will not accept it, and neither should you.

Mainstream media barely reports on the riots anymore; that’s old news. As Election Day approaches, the news cycles are crammed full of Trump-obsession pieces. But conservative news networks and YouTubers continue to broadcast the truth about the rioters and those who support them; the videos speak for themselves.

Friends and neighbors, we must not give in to mob violence. We must not be intimidated into submission or silence by ANTIFA, BLM, or the politicians who support them and are supported by them. We have to stand up for what is right. We must stand against Marxism, socialism and communism. If we do not, we will lose our beloved America!

Across our nation, Democrats have allowed thousands of businesses and homes to be destroyed by people who behave like senseless beasts. Democrats are preventing police from putting an end to the nightly arsons, thefts, and assaults. Joe Biden says that ANTIFA is only an idea, not an organization. Kamala Harris says the “protests” should and will continue. Neither of them will denounce BLM. Neither will stand for law and order. Neither of them will protect your family.

President Trump stands for law and order. President Trump can and will restore order to our nation. We must do our part by voting out the leftist governors, mayors, and city councilmen who stubbornly and foolishly stand in the way of peace. America needs President Trump now more than ever!

Cheri Harris


A huge benefit

For the past eight years, I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Jake Anderson as active members of the South Gifford Pinchot Collaborative. We have also worked together on common legislative issues with the DNR in Olympia. I have always found Jake to be articulate, very well informed, and highly engaged. He is a credit to Klickitat County. His family has deep roots in the county, having been engaged in farming, ranching and timber. As a first term commissioner in Skamania County, I can appreciate the benefits of having a commissioner who already has a current working knowledge of County government. The learning curve is steep for the uninitiated, and the job is more complex than most could imagine. Having a commissioner with Jake’s skill sets, and knowledge of the county and its government sets him apart. I believe that he would be a huge benefit to the citizens of Klickitat County.

T.W. Lannen

Skamania County Commissioner

District 2

Stevenson, Washington

Don't be just "hopeful"

Jacob Anderson and the planning dept. are currently in charge of the Broadband access initiative for Klickitat County; however, the messages being sent are confusing. Jacob has stated that an incentive for the Department of Commerce mapping survey is to be eligible for grant funding provided by the Washington State Broadband Office and the USDA. He has also stated that his office is not applying for the grants but is “hopeful” that an internet service provider (ISP) will submit a proposal. He said the state thinks we have “good broadband coverage,” but the mapping results show quite a different story.

The Broadband access initiative has been a top priority in the Gorge since 2012, and very little has changed.

Why should Jacob expect ISPs to suddenly submit proposals to Klickitat County on their own when there is little financial incentive to do so? How does he plan to attract ISPs without state collaboration to help guide Klickitat County in that process?

Joanna Turner has a different plan that is smart, uses infrastructure we already have, and includes state coordination with local creative action. Broadband access is paramount to our underserved county by enabling access to health care, education, and economic opportunities. Joanna is ready to bring improved economic vitality to Klickitat County through real action and is not waiting around “hopeful” that something will happen.

Jennifer Harty

White Salmon

Don't go back

With the death of Ruth Bader Ginsberg, our country is facing perilous times. Our access to health care and reproductive health care is being threatened by the newest nominee to the Supreme Court. With the Pandemic, many have already lost health care and their access to contraceptive coverage. This Republican administration has further impeded women’s access to reproductive health care by allowing employers to cherry pick which coverage they will provide to their female employees. We will soon see a surge in unintended pregnancies. Women will find themselves transported back to the sixties, unable to prevent a pregnancy, unable to obtain prenatal care with increased risk to their lives and the lives of their infants.

A vote for a Republican is a vote to suppress a woman’s ability to determine her family size and her health. It’s important to vote Democratic this election. Your life and the life of your children may depend on it.

Sandy Montag

White Salmon

Showing character

The year 2020 has been one of incredible difficulty and of difficulty for our elected officials to whom we look for assistance and support no less than anywhere else. The character of the people we voted for last time, or for whom we may vote for the first time, is being shown clearly this year.

I voted for Chris Corry to serve as one of our State Representatives for the 14th District in 2018. I felt complete confidence in his proposed solutions and his understanding of the issues our district has been facing. Now, two years later, I believe that confidence has been rewarded. Chris is an excellent public servant, representing us in Olympia effectively and responsibly. He is hard-working, responsive, and accountable, and has worked tirelessly to make our voices heard. I believe that Legislative District 14 is well-represented in our state House of Representatives.

I encourage you to vote to re-elect Chris Corry for a second term as State Representative for the 14th District this November.

Matthew Langdon

White Salmon

She has my vote

I’m not a Democrat or a Republican. I vote and work to elect good, hard-working, honest people. In 2010, I fought hard to elect Jaime Herrera Beutler. But she’s let Southwest Washington down. When I invited her to an event shortly after she was elected into office, she stuck close to her staffer and wouldn’t acknowledge us. She stopped returning my calls and I haven’t seen her since. These days, it seems she only has time for her corporate donors.

It’s time for a change. We need a leader like Carolyn Long, who has shown her commitment to our community through frequent town halls, Coffees with Carolyn, and Cold Ones with Carolyn. Carolyn not only listens to those in our community, but she also understands the needs of our rural communities because she comes from one herself. Southwest Washingtonians need a representative in Congress who will fight for them; that person is Carolyn Long.

Bill Ammons

Castle Rock, Washington

Vote for him

Please join me in voting for Chris Corry in the upcoming state election.

Chris Corry is a proven leader in our district and is a proponent for getting our economy back on track. Small business has been damaged immensely, and during this time we especially need a leader who will stand up for those who perpetuate our economy running and functioning on a daily basis. He has shown and proven this by suing the governor for his unconstitutional shutdown of our state’s economy. He understands that this shutdown has been unwarranted and is doing more damage the longer it is continued to be extended.

Chris is a family man who cares deeply about those beyond his immediate family. As a foster parent, he and his wife Jennica show their selflessness, love and care for those who are in need of opportunities they may not have had otherwise. They are raising little leaders who will one day become our future leaders. He’s someone who doesn’t just talk the talk, but actually walks it. He stands up for the important and hard issues that arise in our state.

We need more leaders like Chris, and I hope you will join me in supporting him for State Rep Dist. 14 Pos. 1 in November.

Joel Huibregtse