More must be done

Rep. Mosbrucker stated, during a Yakima Chamber of Commerce Legislative Town Hall, her number one goal for this legislative session is figuring out how to operate in a virtual session. She reiterated this stance to the Sentinel on the 20th.

I would encourage her to reach out to the multitude of teachers who have made the transition to teaching online if she needs additional support with Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Teachers across the state have navigated this transition gracefully and on the fly. With the last nine months to prepare for this session, I am eager to see Rep. Mosbrucker shift her focus to the crises facing our district. I hope to see her focused on providing COVID relief, supporting schools, distributing vaccinations, addressing racial equity issues and holding herself, and rogue factions of the GOP, accountable for lies and misinformation that have led to violence and a worsening of the COVID pandemic. These must be her goals and her focus.

Devin Kuh



Could've been worse

On Jan. 20, 2020, the first death from COVID-19 in our country was reported from our state.

During the subsequent year, two amazing events occurred. One: 25 million of our fellow citizens became infected with that virus, and 400,000 died. A staggering display of science illiteracy was revealed. The awe-inspiring dedication of our healthcare workers was all that kept the death toll from being even higher, and we were supported by all those folks who kept the grocery stores open, the mail delivered, and the many services that we generally take for granted operating.

Two: not one but two highly effective vaccines were developed, tested, and distributed throughout the country.

On Jan. 19, 364 days after that first death, we were privileged to be the recipients of one of those vaccines, which will eventually enable us to emerge from our year-long isolation. Thanks to the dedicated folks at Skyline Hospital for making the process so easy. Everything was organized, everyone was helpful and professional, and the facility was bright, comfortable, and accessible.

To further illustrate how far we have come, when we were children our vaccination schedule consisted solely of smallpox vaccine. A neighbor girl died of diphtheria, a classmate contracted tetanus, and another classmate was paralyzed by polio.

Despite the horrible morbidity and mortality that has taken place, without the genius and dedication by our fellow citizens that lies behind all the events of 2020, things could even been much, much worse.

Lloyd and Deborah Olson

White Salmon


Get involved

The C.E.A.S.E. group was formed by accident. On Oct. 8, 2020, I stepped out my door to find a backhoe digging in the farmland adjoining my property. When I asked, “What are you doing,” their reply was, “We are testing the soil for a solar farm.” This was when I first learned of the intruding industrial solar farms into our beautiful county.

A few days later C.E.A.S.E. was formed with the mission to inform and educate the county citizens. Our group has continued to grow as citizens become aware of this potential problem. Prior to C.E.A.S.E., the citizens were unaware of the solar farms. County officials have kept this a secret to avoid opposition.

C.E.A.S.E. is not against solar when done responsibly, but to cover 6,000 acres of prime farmland with ugly, dangerous solar farms is irresponsible. The commissioners are unwilling to take immediate action by enacting a moratorium which would temporarily halt any solar farm from being built until the 2,004 outdated ordinances are updated to protect to county and citizens from industrial solar. The commissioners’ interests are more for tax dollars, which we are not against, but they appear to be willing to sacrifice the citizens living nearby for the greater good of the county. The solar farms west of Goldendale will impact 50 homes. Are they the next victims?

The Energy Overlay Zone covers two-thirds of the county. You maybe next. Don’t let this happen. Contact your county officials, voice your concerns, view, get involved.

Greg Wagner


(Editor’s note: The Sentinel is in the process of fact-checking the claims made in the C.E.A.S.E flyer that is all around Goldendale. It contains some factual errors.)