It’s time for a change. Our leaders have forsaken us. Their incompetence has cost lives, jobs, our health, rising homelessness, and hunger. During this pandemic JHB (Jamie Herrera Butler) has once again voted against expanding access to health care, against expanding the WIC nutrition program, against expanding the SNAP program, against rent protection for those who have lost their jobs. I am so tired of hearing JHB declare how she is working for the citizens of southwest Washington. Let’s be very clear. Jamie works for her party, not for us.

Carolyn Long will put our interests first. She has a comprehensive plan to tackle the results of this horrible pandemic which includes increase funding for public health, expanded unemployment benefits and relief funding for schools. She has excellent recommendations for jumpstarting our economy, while investing in rural hospitals. She supports protecting and expanding the Affordable Care Act and insists on free Covid-19 testing, treatment and vaccine regardless of insurance coverage.

JHB has no plan. Despite voting to give a $500 billion slush fund to corporations and the ultra rich, she criticizes anyone who suggests investing in the health and welfare of the people and small businesses of southwest Washington. We must demand better. Carolyn will serve our community first and foremost.

Sandra Montag

White Salmon

Make sure you vote

The election is quickly approaching, and this is an important one. Please vote. Research candidates, talk to friends you trust. Vote the whole ballot—the Presidential office is important, but the outcome of local elections also have a direct effect on you, your family, and your business.

Make sure your vote is counted! During the primary elections, 550,000 mail-in ballots were rejected across the U.S. Ballots are typically rejected if signatures on the envelope don’t match voter records or if the ballot arrives in the election office too late.

Sign your ballot envelope with care. Use ballot drop boxes to deposit your ballot, if at all possible.

In Klickitat County, there are ballot drop boxes in Bickleton, Bingen, Dallesport, Glenwood, Goldendale, Klickitat, Lyle, Roosevelt, Trout Lake, White Salmon, and Wishram. Check the county auditor’s website for exact locations.

If you absolutely need to send your ballot through the mail, the USPS recommends mailing at least one week prior to election day. Election day is November 3rd, so ballots must be mailed before Tuesday, October 27. I recommend mailing them even earlier to ensure your vote is counted.

In Washington, ballots will be in your mailboxes starting October 16. I will be completing my ballot the day I receive it and getting it in a county drop box immediately. I encourage you to do the same. This could be the most important election of our lives.

Marisa Cieloha

White Salmon

Choose a doctor

Many seem to believe that health insurance provided through employment is a time-honored concept that was handed down by our founding fathers. In fact, employer-based health care only dates back to World War II, when wages were frozen by law, and companies tried to attract workers with health benefits. Time has proven this model deeply flawed. For-profit insurance companies, drug manufacturers, hospitals, and providers have steadily made healthcare benefits unaffordable for employers, putting them at a big disadvantage in the world market. The result has been job loss in our country and shrinking coverage, coupled with higher copays. And that’s if you are lucky enough to be employed. Otherwise, you are just left out on your own: uninsured or underinsured. In that situation, you are much more likely to be unable to manage chronic and new medical conditions adequately, resulting in avoidable expensive hospitalizations that we all end up paying for when you are unable to do so.

As an ER physician, Tracy Rushing MD deals with avoidable health crises every day. She is acutely aware that there needs to be a better way. Some form of universal healthcare is in place in almost every developed country around the globe. It is affordable; their healthcare costs are less than half of ours. It works. They live as long or longer with better health statistics on many measures. Let’s get behind someone who will work to make universal healthcare a reality in our state. Let’s finally get this right! Vote for Tracy Rushing to represent District 14.

Robert C. Florek MD


Turn to Turner

According to The Center for American Women and Politics, in 2020, 127 women hold seats in the United States Congress, comprising 23.7 percent of the 535 members.

Did you know that there has not been a female represented on the Klickitat County Board of Commissioners since 2006? How about the fact that a Democrat has not represented the Board since 1996! I have not been able to find evidence of those representing Latin or indigenous peoples on our board or its committees. In a time of frustrating division among citizens in our country, it is time for Klickitat County to step up and recognize that we represent a community of many and not a community of one. Joanna Turner, running for County Commissioner District 1, recognizes this adversity.

Joanna understands that not all of our citizens needs are either being heard or represented. A group or community can only evolve when all its constituents are equitably heard and supported. For too long Klickitat County has operated with an agenda that benefits only a few and has no diverse representation on its board. I feel that Joanna Turner has taken the time to listen to our diverse citizens’ concerns, make sure they are heard and build community. Her experience as a self-employed entrepreneur, advocate, and a community council member make her uniquely qualified to understand and support our community. Joanna has listened to the concerns about the frustration with the lack of Broadband. She has listened to the concerns regarding the lack of affordable housing, she has listened to those advocating for at risk youth. She has listened to the concerns of citizens with the Under Canvas proposal.

Please think about what building a community means and support Joanna Turner for Klickitat County Commissioner District 1.

Jennifer Harty

White Salmon

Recognize your asset

As a neighboring County Commissioner, I would like to offer my honest praise for Jim Sizemore as he runs for re-election. A man of his character is a rare commodity in these times of division and uncertainty. When we find ourselves in Olympia working on county issues that affect both Skamania and Klickitat County, Jim is a great partner to have. He has been tireless in working to secure policies that benefit both of our counties’ citizens and makes certain that our part of the state is not forgotten. Jim understands the value of working across party lines, county lines, and regional boundaries. I've seen Jim walk the halls of the capitol and secure for our region the type of visionary programs that will benefit our future generations. Knowing and working with Jim has made me a better and more balanced county commissioner for Skamania County. I hope that the citizens of Klickitat County recognize the asset they have in Jim Sizemore.

Bob Hamlin

Skamania County Commissioner District 3

She'll be vacationing

Perennial candidate Carolyn Long is running sleazy ads about campaign contributions, but she’s no stranger to questionable financial influence herself: her family’s retirement plans include up to $150,000 with pharmaceutical giants Merck, Sanofi-Aventis, and Pfizer. Until 2019, her family income came from pharmaceutical sales.

If her situation’s changed, we wouldn’t know: Long’s failed to report her finances this year. Her legally required report is a month overdue.

So when Sanofi raises insulin costs by 700 percent, just remember it’s not Herrera Beutler but Carolyn Long who’ll be vacationing in retirement thanks to Sanofi’s profiteering off Southwest Washington seniors with diabetes.


Long’s request for extension of her more recent disclosure:

Anthony Ahrens

Centralia, Washington

The person for out communities

Nationwide communities of all sizes are navigating a uniquely troubled period. The political debate rages over fair and just policing practices, voting without exposure to COVID-19, and how to meet the challenge of record unemployment. We’re not immune here in the 14th Legislative District.

For the last two years, this district has been represented by Yakima businessman Chris Corry, a reasonable fellow but one who is not up to the challenges we face.

Unfortunately, Corry is busy filing, fund-raising for, and publicizing a specious lawsuit against Gov. Inslee’s stay-at-home orders, rather than addressing the crisis we face as it becomes clear that school in-person is simply too risky. In fact, at the time of the May 5 filing, plaintiffs stated “the emergency had been contained.” But according to the Yakima Health District, there were 1,451 cases on that day, and by August 5 there were more than 10,000. Two hundred twenty one people have lost their lives to COVID in Yakima County alone. Those numbers do not suggest containment of the crisis.

We can replace Corry at the conclusion of this (his first) term with Dr. Tracy Rushing, an emergency room doctor, mother of young children, and impassioned advocate for public health. Dr. Rushing will bring her considerable experience in medicine to bear on the critical work at hand, rather than peddling a distracting lawsuit. Dr. Rushing will drive legislation that supports:

resourcing families to facilitate at-home learning during the coming academic year, ensuring adequate replacement of lost income associated with unemployment, a rigorous understanding of the current pandemic, and a reasoned approach to the likely next phase. These are initiatives to help communities recover from the pandemic

Vote Tracy Rushing for our communities!

Gwen Bassetti