Let's appreciate what we have

I have lived in Goldendale the past four years. Over this time, I have found that Goldendale is a lovely community of civic-minded folks. It’s because of this community spirit that I write today.

We have in our midst a veritable nature reserve: deer in abundance, wild turkeys, marmots, squirrels, numerous birds (both migratory and stationary). It’s a nature preserve that, hopefully, we all appreciate and can preserve for generations.

I am working on a Ph.D. in Ecopsycology. Project Nature Connect, the backbone of my studies, has implemented an incredible system of working (and living) with nature—naturally, for the benefit of nature and people. The system is called Natural Systems Thinking Process (NSTP) and utilizes thoughtfulness rather than a mad dash toward a decision.

NSTP recognizes the benefits of webstrings, those connections that we all feel anytime we are in a natural outdoor setting (with which Goldendale is highly blessed). The connections of feeling more ourselves, at peace, and where we simply feel better. By thinking of the connections that all sentient beings feel, it makes us one, or all of us being in this world together. What happens to you happens to me.

I encourage Goldendale citizens to appreciate more of the beauty we have, and to spend less time talking about what doesn’t work. Let’s simply work together for a greater good, and appreciate what we do have.

For more information, please see: ProjectNatureConnect.org.

Carol Yearout



An unlikely hero

Very seldom do I agree with Liz Cheney on policy. I disliked her father making too many decisions for George W. Bush, and usually disagreed with them.

But right now Liz Cheney is my No. 1 Hero and I’d gladly vote for her for U.S. Representative—not President. Why? Because she may become most instrumental in saving our democracy. A few Congressional Republicans publicly agree with her, including southwest Washington’s U.S. Representative Jaime Herrera Beutler; but among them Cheney may best understand the danger we’re in, be most courageous and honest in articulating it, and potentially be most influential with Republicans.

Make no mistake! Donald Trump wants to be dictator, with people of color remaining unequal. And most congressional Republicans, including eastern Washington’s U.S. Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers, exhibit extreme cowardice and disloyalty to our country in not standing up to him. Also, enough Trump cult members exist among our populace to cause unprecedented danger to our democracy.

The country needs a legitimate Republican Party. The Republican parties of Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, and Everett Dirksen exemplified that role. The party of Donald Trump exists on his lies and debunked conspiracy theories and is not a positive contribution to society.

Norm Luther


(Editor’s note: this letter was written before Cheney was stripped of her leadership positions by congressional Republicans. The writer might now question his comment about her being potentially most influential with Republicans.)