Who is he really?

Voting’s not easy. There are complicated ballot measures, nonpartisan candidates, etc. You ask yourself, Where do I drop the ballot off and by when, which envelope, has my signature changed? There are voter pamphlets/services, forums, newspapers, communication with candidates and your community, etc. This is a lot of necessary work to use your vote-power wisely.  There are rare times when you still don’t see a clear choice.

One race on my ballot that is confusing is Klickitat CountyCommissioner District 3. Dan Christopher has confusing information out there. I went to Dan’s website in the primary and found things about being a “constitutionalist” and promoting access to guns. I go there now, and he’s talking about change and he won’t serve the “good old boys.” I saw a mailer he sent to Democrats where he’s calling himself bipartisan, but in his application for endorsement to the KCDP he said he didn’t agree with Democratic values. Who is this flip-flopper? What is this deceit? Where is the authenticity?

Democrats hold a lot of power in this race, and I know Dan has made it confusing (is he who he says he is?) and tempting to others (maybe we should burn it all down?). The answer is: we don’t know who he is (and from what I’ve seen, I’m worried). So how has he earned our vote? And no, we should not burn it all down (do you remember 2016?).

Let’s use our vote-power in this race. Vote Jim Sizemore. Vote for honesty, respect, integrity, kindness, reliability.

Sasha Bentley

White Salmon


Beyond reason

It seems almost beyond the realm of reason to see letters harshly criticizing President Trump over the completely biased article from The Atlantic magazine, quoting deleterious statements overheard by unknown sources. Several people who were actually in attendance at the event wherein our President was said to have called veterans suckers or losers have come forward to state unequivocally those statements were never made. Can anyone say, “Fake news?”

Also, in criticizing President Trump for having not served in the military, do the writers of these letters realize Joe Biden received no less than five deferrals for “asthma” during the Vietnam era? Biden is such a weak and befuddled candidate, he still thinks he’s running for the Senate. I believe those propping him up should be investigated for elder abuse. He clearly is in no fit state to even be a candidate for President. And his running mate, Kamala, who states she is a “person of faith” but believes adamantly in partial birth abortions, even into the eighth month wherein you partially birth your baby and have its spinal cord humanely snipped—well, I’d like to know the name of her coven. Democrats, can you really support such evil?

Anita Hooson



He's a liar

A part truth is a full lie.  Dan Christopher’s campaign is evidence of that statement.

After several conversations with Dan, even if he had remained the only candidate, I would not vote for him. He is a liar.

Now he is suddenly shifting Blue, after campaigning as the hardline Republican and positioning Jim Sizemore as the RINO (Republican in Name Only).

He made disparaging remarks about Native Americans to me and accused the commissioners of favoring a Yakama Nation housing project. It appears his problem is just the Native American part.

Dan made derogatory comments about one of my gay friends, probably did not mention that when my friend’s mother contributed to his campaign. In his recent letter to Democrats, Dan makes a big deal about supporting gays.

He made an absurd guarantee to bring businesses that would only attract conservative employees to counter liberal growth, preventing a Democrat takeover of the county. (Did he mention that to the Democrats?)

He rants about the poverty, oppression, intimidation, and the need to “free our people from the slavery they have us in.” Now, he is pandering to the Democrats. 

Another Dan lie: he says I was responsible for bringing Patriot Prayer to our county for multiple rallies.

I was at the Patriot Prayer event on our courthouse lawn. So was Dan, in full campaign mode, while he applauded the speaker. Dan’s duplicity is far more dangerous to our county than Patriot Prayer.

He’s created an enemy from which he would “save” everybody—the evil “good old boys.” For about two years, he worked this scam among my fellow conservatives, gathering a large following for the primary. He accused our commissioners of criminal misconduct, disdain for constitutional rights, fiscal irresponsibility, and several more acts unbecoming their office. Every accusation was proven to be a distortion or fabricated.

Nothing in Dan’s background qualifies him for a position which would be the private sector equivalent of a Chief Operating Officer.

Politicians know it is far easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled. Democrats, don’t be fooled. Fellow conservatives, drop the Kool-Aid, open your eyes, and think for yourselves.

Dave West



She's good, he's not

I have talked with Joanna Turner. I found her to be intelligent and a good listener. She sincerely wants to do what is best for Klickitat County. She wants to find solutions to the county’s housing crisis. She strongly supports bringing broadband internet to all parts of the county. She supports senior programs and wants to find solutions for the county’s mental health and drug abuse problem. She won the support of 58 percent of her district. I believe that she deserves to be elected commissioner and that she will serve us well. I will be voting for her and urge you to do the same.

I recently received a letter from Dan Christopher. It stressed that he considered himself a “bipartisan” candidate (he underlined it.) Compare that to his statement in the Voters Pamphlet where he states “It’s time to elect a ‘REAL’ republican to represent ‘REAL’ republicans.” Sounds a little two-faced. I will be voting to re-elect Jim Sizemore.

Roger Gadway

White Salmon


Broadband access for all

We have come to rely on the internet as a critical part of our personal and professional lives. Many now work from home, our kids are doing distance-learning, and we are increasingly aware that internet services that were maybe “good enough” before the pandemic are falling short.

We need broadband internet for all. Two roadblocks to this are affordability and availability.

In terms of affordability, grant programs exist to pay for the internet for low-income families who don’t already have it. This safety net doesn’t go far enough. It doesn’t cover enough people, and it doesn’t address accessibility. Grants fund the cheapest option and also do not cover improving the speed or bandwidth of current coverage. We can’t take advantage of grant funding unless providers run fiber optic cable all the way out to more rural areas for the offered amount. The quality of internet access in many homes, due to accessibility, affordability, or both, cannot keep up with the demands of working and learning from home.

As restrictions ease, our dependence on reliable high-speed internet won’t fade. Let’s use current funding opportunities to work toward bringing fiber optic cable to all.

Megan Sheffels

White Salmon


He's a liar II

I recently received a letter from Dan Christopher in the mail today in which he claimed that he is a “Bipartisan Candidate,” despite being a Republican.

I was intrigued. Being a progressive from the western side of Klickitat county I often lament my lack of representation in my county. For the past several elections in District 1, the Democrat has won the primary, only to lose the county-wide election for the very same seat to a Republican who is supposed to represent the western side. Now here is someone saying that I deserve a “seat at the table,” which so many “Good Old Boy” establishment Republicans have unjustly taken from me. Hell, yeah, Dan Christopher! Tell me more!

Then I did a Google search—“Dan Christopher Goldendale.” The sixth result is an article about another one of Dan Christopher’s letters which basically says that Dan Christopher is a liar. One of his lies is claiming that Jim Sizemore supports I-1639.

I-1639 is a pretty Democratic law. Why would someone who says that he is a pro-Democrat Republican be slandering another candidate for supporting that law?

A little further sleuthing, and you read more about Dan Christopher in the voter pamphlet. He’s a member of Sheriff Bob Songer’s “posse.” Who is more of a “Republican Good Old Boy” than Bob Songer?

Dan doesn’t care about Democrats or the truth any more than Donald Trump does. In fact, he’s just like Trump—he’s a liar.

Ryan Dougherty

White Salmon


Keep her in office

One of the great pastimes in the Pacific Northwest is fishing. Unfortunately, over the past few decades sea lions have been flooding our rivers and destroying salmon and steelhead runs. It is great that Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler has been working tirelessly to preserve these runs by spearheading legislation to remove these predatory sea lions and boost hatchery production.

Fishing is a great piece of our regional economy and it offers enjoyment to countless residents. If Jaime Herrera Beutler wasn’t our Congresswoman, I’d fear that we’d see our runs disappear, which is why I’m happy to stand behind her in her efforts.

Kent Stevenson

Woodland, Washington


I don't trust him

When I first heard Dan Christopher speak, I was rather impressed by his patriotism and ideals. But then he began bashing the current county commissioner and being very negative about the “good old boys.”

Our current commissioners have been doing a great job and working harmoniously together. I wondered if Dan would just be a disruptive force and case dissension. All of a sudden, a multitude of political signs for him began springing up, and I wondered where all the money was coming from to support him.

I don’t trust Dan. I really hope Jim Sizemore is re-elected. He is quietly competent at doing his job well.

Karen Kempt