We can't lose him

During my 16-year tenure as a Klickitat County commissioner, I served with six different men, each bringing different personalities and talents to the Board of County Commission table. I have seen other county boards of commissioners plagued by internal friction to the point of being non-productive, while Klickitat County has been fortunate to have a Board of Commissioners that keep giving their constituents the best representation as possible. By reelecting Jim Sizemore, the voters in our county have the opportunity to continue this path forward.

It takes time to build relationships with state and federal agencies. This is how projects get funding and/or are approved. Jim Sizemore has built those relationships by demonstrating that we are a worthy county with honest, dedicated and fiscally responsible leadership within our county commission.

The problem with Jim, if this could be considered a problem, is that he is not a braggart. He is a hard worker, does his job well, and calls it a team effort. I would have been honored to have served with Jim Sizemore as a part of that team.

Klickitat County has become a very diverse county, a county of residents with new ideals as well as the rural community culture and its traditions. This requires a commissioner who is a good listener, one who is open to new ideas and approaches. As a county, we can’t afford to lose Jim Sizemore.

Joan Frey

Lyle, Washington


He works

I am a local small business owner, and I will be voting for Rep. Chris Corry because he has supported so many small businesses in the Valley during this COVID-19 pandemic. Specially, Rep. Corry has worked hard to make sure we have accurate information to both access small business funding and to get our business back up and going again. Rep. Corry cares about us, our businesses, and our community. He has earned our vote. 

Kirk Galloway



She has the vision

We are fortunate to live in an agricultural region with access to an abundance of food. Yet 98 percent of the food consumed in our region is grown somewhere else and shipped in. In addition, one out of three people don’t get enough food to eat. We have outsourced our food supply to large international corporations who pocket their profits outside of our community and who pay farmers and agricultural workers less than a working wage. One major disaster like an earthquake could prevent food from being transported for weeks, and our region’s stores would empty in several days. How would our residents survive?

We need a resilient, sustainable, and equitable local food system. We have a good start, thanks to the efforts of Gorge Grown Food Network. Now it’s time for our political leaders to support the development of small family farms and a local food system. A candidate for District 14 State Representative, Tracy Rushing, has made developing a local food system and supporting small local businesses two of her top priorities. We need leaders dedicated to the health of our district’s residents and economy. Dr. Tracy Rushing has the knowledge and vision to make our district more resilient. A vote for Tracy Rushing is a vote for our district’s future.

Sue Kusch

White Salmon


He has my vote

I am writing in support of Rep. Chris Corry for the upcoming election. Due to the shutdown, I needed to file an unemployment security department claim. The claim was not going anywhere, and my finances were getting low after so long. I contacted Rep. Corry’s office, and with his assistance my claim was processed! He has my vote and I encourage you to vote for him, too.

Jeri Anne Martian



Thanks for delivering for us

I am pleased to hear the news that Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler successfully secured $5 million to replace the 100-year-old Hood River to White Salmon bridge. A multi-county bistate group has put long hours into advancing the project, and the Congresswoman made the next stage happen.

This is a much-needed project providing benefits to all of Klickitat and Skamania counties, and it demonstrates again how our Congresswoman is excellent at providing solutions for our community. Other examples are the funding she obtained for a federal study of the economic viability of pumped storage hydro and her quietly effective and essential role in getting BPA to put aircraft safety devices on the new transmission line crossing the Columbia River at Wishram.

Rural economic development is a challenge. Having an effective Congressional champion provides residents of Klickitat County with a huge advantage. Thank you, Jaime, for being committed to making our infrastructure safer and consistently delivering for us.

Dana Peck



A better leader

Like many of you, I haven’t really been able to go outside in days. Many family members have been evacuated on Oregon’s west side, and communities I grew up with have been decimated. On the east coast Sally was ravaging entire states. Persistent drought has already created “climate refugees,” and the ski areas I grew up at are rarely open for entire seasons. Science does not dispute that climate change is real and that we have a window of opportunity to reverse it. We have to get over the idea that climate change is something only environmentalist hippies support; this impacts all of us.

Meanwhile, we have a President who claims that “science doesn’t know” what caused all of this and has systematically reversed policies that would help. Yes, there has been mismanagement of forests, but the fact remains that the weather has changed, and so must we. We need a President who can lead us towards a future that is more stable, resilient, and sustainable for future generations. Joe Biden has a plan that will help us restabilize our climate and ensure economic resilience as we work towards a clean energy, air, and water future that serves us all.

Anne Medenbach

Husum, Washington


I support her

Joanna Turner is running for County Commissioner, District 1, and I will be supporting her in the November election.

Joanna is someone we can all get behind because she has taken the time this year to really learn about the issues that are most important to the residents of the county. She is truly concerned about making life better for us in Klickitat County and does this by listening and understanding what is needed. She is determined to make a difference by focusing on economic opportunities and development; access to better high speed broadband internet; improved services for At-Risk youth; adequate senior citizen housing and services; mental health; work-force housing, and adequate and responsive policing.

Joanna Turner will tirelessly represent all of us, no matter what our politics might be, and I urge you to vote for Joanna in November.

Kim Gilmer

Trout Lake, Washington


Vote against Big Pharma

There is only one person in this race who’s worked to lower the cost of prescription drugs, and that is Jaime Herrera Beutler. She voted across party lines in support of H.R. 3, which would lower the cost of prescription drugs. Big Pharma spent millions lobbying against this bill, and thousands more attacking Herrera Beutler for standing up to them. There is another candidate running in this race who has up to $200,000 in retirement nest eggs tied directly to the pharmaceutical companies where her husband worked—Carolyn Long. If you look past the attacks, recognizing the candidate who will actually do something about drug prices is simple. Vote Herrera Beutler.

Elizabeth Johnson

Camas, Washington


She has my vote

When activists responded once again to police violence this past summer, some may have assumed that a place like Goldendale was immune to such violence. After all, most of the cities in which Black people died at the hands of police officers—Minneapolis, Baltimore, Dallas, Fort Worth, Louisville, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and the like—have populations of 500,000 or more. That assumption shifted when Kenosha, Wisconsin—a town of 100,000 with an agricultural past, like Goldendale’s and Yakima’s—became another point on the map of police violence.

Yakima, Goldendale, and Kenosha have quite a few demographic similarities, which magnifies the shared impact of police violence, regardless of municipality size. I’m proud to see that candidates like Tracy Rushing are running for state representative election because, as a community health provider, she realizes that police violence impacts our community’s perception of care professionals. I’m hopeful that others will join me in supporting candidates like Tracy who support balancing local dollars spent on restorative services (like substance use treatment diversion, embedded designated crisis responders, supported employment, and housing) with local dollars spent to fund law enforcement.

Wyatt Kanyer