As the snow on the Simcoe Mountains begins to melt, the long-awaited spring—or has it jumped straight to summer?—is ushered in by spontaneous outbursts of yellow daffodils and bright, red tulips. The hornets and the bumblebees make shy, stumbling entreaties onto our garden; they’ll soon be out in full force, dominating the air with their buzzing. One of our goats gave birth to two healthy, happy kids who are already running around, launching themselves off any surface they can find, each one trying to outdo the other.

Spring is a time of renewal, a time of new beginnings. My younger sister called me just the other day to tell me she’d eloped with her boyfriend. It was a surprise to us all, as elopements often are. We all knew she liked the guy; she’d told us so. His family is from Wyoming, he’s in the military, for recreation he enjoys hunting. What’s not to like?