To the Editor:

Let’s vote for Pat Arnold for County Commissioner. I have known Pat for a long time. She is a hard-working, honest person who has ample knowledge of the issues facing Klickitat County.

She has been a Klickitat resident since 1991. She has a strong background in agriculture and working with the migrant families. She understands the needs of both farm business owners and farmworkers and the importance of the agricultural work force to our economy. She has also been working with the State of Washington on migrant farmworker housing and affordable housing for everybody.

The most important thing is that she is honest and dedicated. She would be a good asset on the Board of County Commissioners. She is not afraid to go after the things that are important for the community, to make the community stronger. I know she is very capable and will do her best for Klickitat County.

She knows the importance of preserving farm land and of keeping small business owners profitable. She takes good care of all of her animals. She cares not only about the County but about the whole world environment. She’s a down-to-earth person and will do a good job.