In response to Mr. Heikkila’s letter regarding KVH’s patient portal in last week’s issue of The Goldendale Sentinel:

Thank you for your note regarding the Patient Portals that are currently in use at Klickitat Valley Health. We appreciate your feedback and understand your frustration! We have also been frustrated, which is one of the reasons that we made the decision to select a new electronic health record last year, and we are moving to this single system that will connect the hospital, family medicine clinic, and outpatient services. The new system will enable each patient to have one comprehensive medical record shared across all KVH providers and departments who deliver their care. The project will also bring registration, scheduling, Patient Portals, and billing onto the same platform.

Patient Portals are controlled by the Electronic Health Record system at a hospital or clinic. Last year Klickitat Valley Health selected Meditech as our new Electronic Health Record System, and we are set to go live with this new system on July 1 of this year. Our new Electronic Health Record system will bring all KVH patient health records into one Patient Portal system. The new Patient Portal for KVH will be My Care, which will go live with the Meditech launch. 

This project is a cornerstone of KVH’s ‘Making A Healthy Change’ campaign, designed to address care needs, upgrades, and requested changes from the community. You can find more information on our new EHR and Patient Portal system on the District website at

If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to give me call. We really do appreciate your feedback.

Leslie Hiebert, CEO

Klickitat Valley Health