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Supporting local businesses

Hungry and don’t feel like cooking? You can’t sit and dine at a restaurant these days, but there are many take-out options in Goldendale. Following are the eateries offering take-out: Ayutla’s... Full story


The Dream still lives

In his iconic speech at the Lincoln Memorial for the 1963 March on Washington, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., urged America to "make real the promises...


Where'd That Come From

There are times when I put my foot in my mouth or in my case we will be a little more real about that, I stick my entire leg all the way up to my hip in my mouth, by using words, terms, or euphemisms... Full story


Histories and Mysteries: Black Iron Gym still going strong

Six miles outside Goldendale on Pumphouse Road sits a barn with a big yellow smiley face on the side. The interior is rough plywood with a cement... Full story

 By Amy Reeves    Features    March 22, 2017

Where'd that come from?

On my long journey to become less linguistically challenged, I have been quite discouraged to find out that a few words I have been using most of my life do not mean what I thought they did. Oops! Per... Full story

 By Amy Reeves    Features    March 8, 2017

Where'd that come from? Finer than a frog's hair

There are times in life were we, as humans, use expressions to describe our actions or feelings while referring to animals: sicker than a dog, eating like a pig, busy like a bee, sweating like a dog,... Full story

 By Amy Reeves    Features    March 1, 2017

Where'd that come from? Nick-Name

Where’d that come from? Nick-Name A nickname is a substitute for the proper name for a familiar person, place or thing. Usually it is given out of affection, sometimes nicknames are given in... Full story


Where'd that come from? Low man on the totem pole

This week: Low man on the totem pole: Expression I have been there, or at least I thought I had until today. Meaning: To be the lowest in rank or the least important person. This expression is thought... Full story


Where'd that come from?

Like a dog with two tails: Idiom This saying describes being extremely happy. I have found very few references, however, the oldest one I could find was from Margaret Hardie 1929. Proverbs and... Full story


Where'd that come from? Saint Valentine's Day: Holiday

February has long been celebrated as a month of romance. Every Feb. 14, all around the world, candy, flowers, and gifts are exchanged between loved ones, all in the name of St. Valentine. As I try to... Full story


Where'd that come from?

Apple of my eye: Idiom In Old English, the pupil of the eye was called the ‘apple.’ If someone is the ‘apple of your eye’, he or she is someone that you look at a lot because they are your... Full story


Where'd that come from?

Turning the tables (expression) Turning the Table is a figurative phrase from around the early 1600s. It means to reverse a situation and gain the upper hand. Board games such as backgammon were... Full story


Looking Back

25 years ago January 16, 1992: Library call for assistance, local volunteers: Now is the time for you to help Fort Vancouver Regional Library automate. Your assistance is needed in the following... Full story


Where'd that come from? Fine Kettle of Fish

This expression means an awkward or messy state of affairs and originates from old English. Kettles are the essential piece of kitchen equipment for customs in which only the English can claim world... Full story


The Chicken Challenge

The Sentinel is pleased to introduce "The Chicken Challenge," brainchild of Michelle Priddy . The idea is to use one chicken per person as the main... Full story


Where'd that come from?

“Can’t Carry a Tune in a Bucket” Meaning: Someone who sings very badly, is tone-deaf or is musically challenged. It is the inability to metaphorically “carry” a tune in a bucket or the inabi... Full story

 By Amy Reeves    Features    January 4, 2017

Where'd that come from?

Squirrely Adjective (slang) So I am sitting at home crocheting a hat and watching my two cats tear through the house like they have turbo jets attached to their tails and chased by invisible canines.... Full story


Looking Back

25 years ago December 26, 1991: High School’s Vo-ag shop Construction done. The 1,200 square foot building will house business and agriculture students both. Business students will have access to... Full story


Where'd that come from? Twelve Days of Chirstmas (Song)

The song “The Twelve Days of Christmas” is an English Christmas carol. From the mid-16th century to the early-18th century, many Catholics were not allowed to practice their faith openly and had... Full story


A Warm and Fuzzy Christmas

A Warm and Fuzzy Christmas Part 1 “Oh, there’s no place like home for the holidays…” wafted through the speakers of the SUV. It was late. Wilson Barnes glanced over at Jennifer, his wife, who... Full story


Where'd that come from? Reindeer, Christmas and Santa…oh my!

With all this research, by the time I retire from The Goldendale Sentinel I should be the best Trivial Pursuit player on the planet! Reindeer You know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen. Comet... Full story


A Warm and Fuzzy Christmas

Previously on “A Warm and Fuzzy Christmas”: The Barnes family has been driving through a remote section of Washington State to a timeshare for Christmas vacation, intended to give Wil the break... Full story


Where'd that come from? Pull the wool over someone's eyes. (Phrase)

This term is from the early 1800s and means to fool or lie to someone and get away with it through deception and trickery. From the early 1600s to present day, judges in Europe adorn wigs made from... Full story


From the best seat in the house

This is my last act from the best seat in the house. It has been my pleasure to write about your children’s sports exploits. and photograph them in... Full story


Histories and mysteries of Goldendale businesses: Hers is a jab well done

She may not be historical, but the practice of the new acupuncturist in town is definitely a mystery! Acupuncture, a practice I myself was not... Full story


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