Klickitat County Sheriff Bob Songer presents the Klickitat County Cup to the Goldendale Timberwolves Football team.

The Goldendale Timberwolves Football Team has been out on the field getting in some great practice days.  All of them have been working hard on the skills and plays they will need for each game. They kicked off the season early this year and traveled down-river to White Salmon for game number one.

The Wolves were feeling all the excitement and adrenaline as they ran out on the field. This was a great pre-season game, and the team got the ball rolling and worked together. The game started slow, but senior quarterback Kade Bomberger made some great plays with his receivers. He started the game off with a 23-yard pass to Riker Hanning and then handed the ball off to Seth Lucetero to pick up a first down. Kade lit the fire, and the whole team kept it burning. Both teams were scoreless for the first part of the game, but the Wolves had worked the ball up the field, and Kade ran it 18 yards for the first touchdown of the game. The Wolves got the ball back and Kade made a beautiful 54-yard pass to Cameron Groves. This got the Wolves within reach of the end zone, and Evan Riley took it right on in for the second touchdown. Defensively, Joshua Smith read a great play where he intercepted the ball and ran it back into the end zone for touchdown number three. The Wolves gave up one touchdown to White Salmon, but it didn’t even phase them. They worked the ball back down the field where Kade passed the ball to Riker Hanning for a 28-yard touchdown. Final score of the game 25-8, Timberwolves with the win.

Seth Lucetero ended his night with 22 carries from 130 yards, and Eli Golding caught two passes for a total of 53 yards. Riker Hanning caught three passes for 50 yards and Kade Bomberger carried the ball 8 times for 69 yards.  This game was also the decider for the Klickitat County Cup that Sheriff Bob Songer presented to the Wolves after their win.

They had a great start to their season, and it was just an indicator of what is to come. The coaches did an excellent job executing, and they got a better view of the players and their potential. They will continue through the week with practices and play game number two away against Seton Catholic High School in Vancouver, Washington, this coming Friday, September 9.