PRESENT AND PAST: New Klickitat County Fair and Rodeo Queen Raina McAllister, left, with last year’s Queen, Micaela Gutierrez.

Last Saturday, our previous Klickitat County Fair and Rodeo Queen Micaela Gutierrez passed on the crown to the new queen, Raina McAllister. Raina has been awaiting this day since the last day of Fair when she found out she would be taking the title and representing Klickitat County. Her coronation was held in Bingen at Murphy’s Family Watering Hole. It was a lovely night filled with great food and lots of fun.

Friends, family, past queens, and community members came to have a wonderful dinner and support Raina. They watched the crown get passed on, bet on auction items, and enjoyed time together listening to live music by Waylon Belaire. The Murphys donated over 100 plates of barbecue to attendees, and John Rolfe did a great job auctioning off the items. All the donations will help Raina spread the word about our Klickitat County Fair and Rodeo this summer. She will be visiting rodeos, riding in parades, and making connections with other queens. “The relationships I have already created with fellow 2023 queens provide a sense of family as I travel the Northwest sponsoring our Fair and Rodeo,” Raina says. Her rodeo family will only grow as she travels and meets new people telling them about our Rodeo. There are so many things to look forward to this year, but Raina is very excited to represent our community. “Saturday was so inspiring. I am feeling very confident about this year as I feature our Fair and Rodeo.”

We are proud of Raina and excited to see her running through the arena and traveling the Northwest. She is so grateful for all the support she has gotten from the community. What a great way to kick off her reign and begin promoting the Klickitat County Fair and Rodeo. Raina reminds us to put it on the calendar now, so we don’t forget. The Fair will be August 17 through the 20th, and she hopes to see everyone there!