This past Friday the Goldendale Timberwolves football faced off with the Cle Elum Warriors on their own home field. They were coming off a great win against Kittitas, and they were looking for another one. Coaches, players, and fans were all excited and ready for kick off.

The Timberwolves started off strong with two big plays that ended in their first touchdown. A hand-off to Caleb Smith from Kade Bomberger resulted in a 44-yard gain. Kade then made a great pass over the defense to Tyler Wells, who ran the ball into the end zone. This was the confidence they needed to keep things rolling for the night. The boys scored 55 of their 61 points in the first half of the game. Needless to say, these boys were all on the same page. The next great play was when Caleb Smith ran the ball 18 yards straight into the end zone, putting more points on the board. Caleb Smith and Kade Bomberger were in sync again later in the game for a 65-yard pass to put yet again another touchdown on the board.

Caleb was having a great game, and he continued that with a third touchdown. Kade handed the ball off to him, and Caleb took off, never slowing down, adding more points to the Timberwolves score and lead. Tyler Wells also made a huge play in this game. Tyler returned a kickoff for an 80-yard touchdown, running through any defender that came his way. Others who made an appearance in the end zone were Kade, Cameron Groves, and Matt Blain. This offense found the holes in Cle Elum’s defense and really took advantage.

Timberwolves defense also had a great night, making big stops and keeping the Cle Elum Warriors to only 20 points. Matt Blain was the big influence for the defensive line, having 8.5 tackles and a big Cle Elum quarterback sack. Noah Clark also made 8.5 tackles, and James Hastings made 6 tackles, two of them quarterback sacks. This defense really put the pressure on Cle Elum and never let up.

Your top players for the game were Caleb Smith, Kade Bomberger, and Tyler Wells. Caleb had 22 carries for the night with 246 rushing yards and 3 total touchdowns. Kade had an 87.5% pass completion, with 253 passing yards and 3 touchdowns. Tyler had 48 receiving yards with one touchdown. Others also had some great stats for the night. Braxton Seaver got to step in and play quarterback after Kade went out with an injury. Braxton completed 5 passes out of 6 passes for a total of 51 passing yards. Ryker Hanning received 3 passes for a total of 73 yards, and Austin Neil caught a great pass for 34 yards.

These boys played tough and kept their winning alive—they are now 5-1. This week they will put in the time and practice they need to create a game plan for their next opponent, the Granger Spartans. We are all wishing good luck to the Timberwolves football.