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By Delbert Brown

High school is security risk and fire trap

Letter to the Editor


To the Editor:

I’d like to support our high school in building a new one. Just this past week my wife and I had a conference with teachers at our high school. As we were waiting for our grandson’s conference, I saw chipped blocks, broken ceiling tiles, worn carpet, and poor lighting. The area we were in had no view to the outside, so how could our law enforcement even begin to provide security for our children?

I have worked in places where there were no windows. Any time I’ve worked in places like this I’ve felt I was in confinement. I wonder how our children feel when to get their needed education they have to live in these conditions. We as taxpayers ask them to just accept the old building to get their education. As a taxpayer, I refuse to put our children in such a fire trap with lack of security, not even beginning to view other areas of the high school. Please join with me as well as others to vote for the school levy.

I have been reading letters to the editor that are against the building of a new high school. I kindly ask the public to go up to the high school when they can and just look at this old high school that we’re asking our children to attend. I hate high taxes—we all do—but let’s make our public school a safe environment for our children, our grandchildren, and many generations to come. Join with me; vote yes on the new high school bond.


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