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By Gretchen Olsen

Thayer’s refusal is petty

Letter to the Editor


To The Editor:

I retired at the end of December as director at Programs For Peaceful Living, and I am proud of the work I accomplished and of the staff who continue to provide this valuable service to our county.

I was delighted to receive a letter of appreciation from the Klickitat County Board of Commissioners for my service on the Klickitat Skamania Community Network (a worthy organization that provides education and assistance to families in our area). I was disappointed, however, that both the letter and the certificate were lacking one commissioner’s signature. On April 21, I went into the commissioners’ office to ask Ray Thayer if he would please sign both documents. He said, ...

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Reader Comments

peanutj writes:

You're upset because Commissioner Thayer didn't sign a letter of appreciation for you? What does it matter whether he signs it or not? Why would you even want him to sign it if you agree on almost nothing? He probably didn't sign it because he doesn't appreciate you. You see this action as petty. I see it as Mr. Thayer not betraying his feelings. And is this something that you should be whining about in public? It's not Mr. Thayer that needs to do some growing up.

Ellah writes:

Is his position up for re-election soon? If so, encourage all that you know to vote for the best person for the job. If he is this petty about something as simple as a letter of appreciation, what else is he this petty about?

ss67 writes:

Hard to believe that someone that was elected to help the public can be as short-sighted as Mr.Thayer.. It's time for him to pull up his big boy pants, serve the people and not let his pettiness get in the way just because he can. I am sure this is making the constituents that voted for him very proud-- NOT.. Maybe his campaign slogan should have been BECAUSE I CAN :( Klickitat County deserves better than this..

mm79 writes:

I could not agree with this letter more. It is a shame that commissioner Thayer refused to sign the documents presented to him. I, too, am aware of his attitude when you do not agree with him politically as I have seen it in other areas of his work. As stated a petty and vindictive attitude has no place in government. As long as Mr. Thayer is in office, however, I believe this kind of response from him will continue whenever he is confronted with someone who does not agree with him.


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