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By Rebecca Gourley

PA takes questions at meeting


After an introduction of all her staff, Prosecuting Attorney Lori Hoctor immediately opened up the discussion to questions at the Chamber Forum Luncheon last Thursday.

Asked if she only picks cases that she can win, Hoctor responded, “We have to look at the cases and we have to see what’s the most important.” She added, “We do select which ones we take and which ones we don’t. Ideally we would like to try them all.”

Hoctor also touched on the subject of politics going on in the court house. “It’s not always about winning cases and cutting the budget, but there’s a lot of politics involved,” Hoctor said. “Making sure that everyone plays nicely and doesn’t have oth...

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Reader Comments

KateMathews writes:

To continue: My current salary is still $7,000 less than that of the prior Chief. It includes the stipend I receive for appellate work that was outsourced by the prior administration at substantially more than $12,000 a year. The prior administration also hired outside counsel to assist with felony prosecutions. All of the felony work, including trial, is now done in-house. So you see, Trent, Lori Hoctor did make good on her promise to cut costs and eliminate the outsourcing of felony work.

KateMathews writes:

Trent ~ thank you for your kind words. But please let me clear up a misunderstanding. I did not volunteer for the Chief Deputy position. I was among a significant number of attorneys who applied for the job last fall knowing that the then-Chief was making $77,000 a year. I was hired last November with an expected starting salary of $70,000. No qualified applicants applied when the job was formally posted in January at $58,000.

Trent writes:

The PA's respnse to the question of only trying cases she can win is a non answer answer. It is also surprising that a person who filed for office and appeared at debates is now surprized that politics are involved in her political job. Her comment about electeds have to play nice and without agendas is condescending and assumes she plays nice and is without her own agenda. How did she become the final arbiter of fair play?

Trent writes:

To continue again: Regarding the claim on press releases and having sent them out, the last press release the PA's office listed on their web site was in December 2010.

Trent writes:

To resume: 4)Regarding her Chief Criminal deputy, Kate Matthews is an excellent attorney. Left out of the answer were the facts that a) Matthews initially voluntered for the job and was appointed at a higher than entry level wage 2)the Board told the PA Matthews would start at an entry level and that she is now making $12K over entry level to do appellate work. How is the PA sticking to her promise of lowering the costs of the office? I believe the PA asked for a raise after she took office.


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