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By Joyce McKay

Candidate doesn’t blow his own horn

Letter to the Editor


To the Editor:

There is a man running for Position 2 District 1 on the hospital board. You probably don’t know him very well. He’s not the type of person who blows his own horn or gets on a soap box and tells everyone how wonderful he is or how much he’s done for this community and the hospital. But he has, and for all his effort all he’s received are platitudes and brush-offs, mostly because he doesn’t look “important.” However, when the last regime with Sharon and Wade was in charge, Delbert Brown went and found out what happened. Did any of this come to the community’s attention? No. When they “resigned,” did anyone tell the community everything? No. Did Delbert Brown know? Yes, because he went looking and found out. Did any of our commissioners come forward with this information? No. So what’s the point of having five yes-men who do nothing? Why can’t we have one person to look out for us? This is supposed to be a public facility. Really?

So I’m asking you to think about this: has this hospital really improved in the past 20 years? Oh, yeah, we’ve got a great entrance, and the lab is better. But the patient rooms? Nope. The surgery? Nope. The OB? Nope.

So, please. Give Delbert Brown a chance. He’s honest. And he cares about us, the community.


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