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Last Thursday The Sentinel’s website posted a pre-election poll for online readers to vote on the candidates for mayor, city council positions, and hospital commissioners. Notification of the poll was made through The Sentinel’s Facebook page.

Note that The Sentinel cannot monitor or control whether or not people voting in the poll are actually eligible to vote in the election on Nov. 8, though the request is made for respondents to participate only if they are eligible to vote for any particular candidate. The poll is ongoing and will close Nov. 7. To vote go here: http://tinyurl.com/ sentinelpoll.

The results as of Tuesday morning were as follows:

• Mayor (out of 97 votes): Clint Baze, 79 percent; Arletta Parton, 21 percent.

• City Council Pos. 1 (out of 102 votes): Andy Halm, 80 percent; Mike Montanye, 20 percent.

• City Council Pos. 2 (out of 97 votes): Carmen Knopes, 65 percent; Mindy Blomquist, 35 percent.

• City Council Pos. 3 (out of 116 votes): Darlene Williamson, 59 percent; Guy Theriault, 41 percent.

• Hospital District 1 Pos. 2 (out of 103 votes): Mark Sigfrinius, 60 percent; Delbert Brown, 40 percent.

• Hospital District 1 Pos. 5 (out of 99 votes): Connie Pond, 87 percent; Peggy Nielsen, 13 percent.


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