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January 11, 2012


25 Years Ago- January 8. 1987

Klickitat County’s newest town is also its smallest: Alderdale, population 33. Actually, Alderdale is enjoying a second life, because the original town was wiped off the map when the John Day Dam was built in the late 1960’s. Since then, the town has been a name on a map on the east end of the county, but that is all. Residents of the tiny community experienced an identity crisis before the commissioners passes a resolution last month approving the establishment of the township. They have Mabton telephone numbers and Prosser mailing address, both are in Benton County.

50 Years Ago- January 11, 1962

• The Wash. State Dept. of Highways announced that approval had been given for plans to relocate 3.7 miles of PSH No. 8 by the U.S. Engineering Dept. The relocation is made necessary by the construction of the John Day Dam which, when completed, will flood the existing route. The portion of the highway involved is along the north bank of the Columbia River from Rock Creek to Four O’Clock Rapids. The contracts will combine relocation of PSH No. 8 and the S.P & S. Railway tracks.

75 Years Ago- January 14, 1937

• Appleton- We’ve been having some grand (?) weather here. Have about two and one-half feet of snow and very cold nights. Has been as low as 20 degrees below zero and maybe more. Centerville- Whew! But the weather is cold here. The thermometer went down to 24 below zero last night and took its time going back up. Cliffs- with headlines- Skating on Columbia is Cliffs Diversion, and River Being Navigated Atop Ice by Residents of the River Community. Glenwood- Glenwood has been gripped in icy weather the past week when the thermometer dropped to about 20 below. A small amount of snow fell Saturday and Sunday, making a total of about 8 inches. Roosevelt- The cold weather prevented the bus from running for a couple of days, but school was not closed.

Compiled by Jean Allyn Smeltzer of the Klickitat County Historical Society


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