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I-502 full of potential pitfalls and dangers for law enforcement

Java Talk Community Discussion Meeting


At the last Java Talk meeting on April 20, talk focused on the potential impact of Initiative 502 (I-502) if it were to be passed this fall. The initiative would legalize recreational use of marijuana in the State of Washington.

“If this passes, it will be a nightmare for law enforcement,” said Goldendale police chief Rick Johnson. “I would assume there’d be a challenge to it. I don’t know how it could be. Medical marijuana was passed by the people. It was not passed by any medical doctors, the FDA, saying this is a valid drug. It was passed by the people out there. Medical marijuana is the only drug that’s ever been approved by the people for a treatment, supposedly. And it d...

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Reader Comments

kgiraldin writes:

Marijuana will not be sold in coffee houses, bars, or grocery stores. The retail shops have to be standalone, marijuana-only stores, like the state liquor stores were. Package sales only, no onsite use. The state Office of Financial Management estimates Initiative 502 will generate $560 million in new tax revenues each year. Some of that money is earmarked for healthcare, research, and education. The facts about Initiative 502 are available at Kris Giraldin, Richland WA

kgiraldin writes:

It sounds as though Chief Johnson hasn’t really looked into the details of Initiative 502. Initiative 502 addresses the entire chain of supply through licensed, regulated, Washington businesses – growers, processors, and retail shops. The Liquor Control Board will have a year to make the rules regarding security, sanitation, locations, hours of operation, etc. before the first license is issued. Rulemaking is a public process, so we’ll all have the opportunity to participate.


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