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By Sarah Tebbs
Portland, Oregon 

Trees to disappear from cemetery


To the Editor:

It has come to my attention that there are plans to cut down every single tree in Goldendale’s Mountain View (IOOF) Cemetery. Many citizens of the area are concerned about this issue.

In my eyes the removal of trees is uncalled for. The early residents who chose to be buried there wanted to be buried under those beautiful trees that have been there for many years. I understand that in the stormy months, some limbs have fallen and damaged some head stones that will have to be fixed. When workers start cutting down the trees, there are going to be many more of the upright stones knocked over, broken, or damaged.

I do not want to see this happen, for I have many family members buried there, and I am sure other Goldendale residents feel the same about the their family’s final resting place.

Do we really want to see this happen to that beautiful cemetery where the pioneers, our ancestors and our families are laid to rest? Some tree removal has already started. There needs to be quick action on part of the concerned community to prevent further loss.

So those who feel as I do, need to make their wishes known to the Cemetery Board of Directors and the local IOOF members, the Grand Lodge IOOF of Washington, and the local Klickitat County Historical Society.


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