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By Traci Miles

Why do the trees have to go?

Letter to the Editor


To the Editor:

Please explain why cutting the trees and widening Burgen is something that needs to be done. I have never had a problem with parking at the library any time I have gone. It is an oasis in the summer and just plain pretty the rest of the time. Don’t cut the trees; we all lose something special.

I think that there are other streets that could benefit from a little TLC . I would be glad to point out the ones that are really shabby and potholed and poorly marked. That project would keep the street crews busy for a long time. We don’t need wider or new streets for faster traffic.

Why not concentrate on developing and promoting new businesses for town growth? Isn’t that what the town needs? I think so.

It’s also just plain fun to have a one way street that is one block long.

Let’s be real for a change and do what is best for the town.


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