By Merle Gearhart

Is the Civil War still being fought?

Letter to the Editor


To the Editor:

I am an American Legionnaire and patriot. In the course of my membership I learned that there is a Confederate soldier buried in Mt. View Cemetery. To honor him and what he believed in, I purchased a confederate flag and placed it on his grave on Memorial Day Weekend. On the morning of Memorial Day, it was discovered that someone had removed it.

Regardless of your beliefs, the man was an American fighting for what he thought was right. I feel that the flag removal was an act of dishonor to his memory and to all Americans.

If the individual who took this flag returns it to me or the American Legion Post here in Goldendale, no questions will be asked and no other actions taken.

Also I have since learned that there are actually three Confederate soldiers buried in Mt. View Cemetery. I believe that they should be shown the honor and respect due to them as American fighting men.


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