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Gettysburg, Korean War, alligator from the sky, first Vatican tweet

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June 27: 1776—Thomas Hickley goes down in history as both a personal guard to General George Washington and the first man executed by the U.S. Army after his plan to deliver Washington to the British blew up in his face, so to speak. 1950—The UN asks member nations to help repel North Korean troops from South Korea, so President Truman orders the Navy and Air Force into the conflict. Born: Helen Keller (1880.) Died: Joseph Smith, Jr. (1844.) National Bathroom Reading Month, Beans and Bacon Days.

June 28: 1914—Serbian nationalist Gavrilo Princip assassinates Austria’s Archduke Franz Ferdinand and spouse Sophie in Sarajevo. 1935—FDR orders a gold vault to be built at Fort Knox. 19...

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