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By Bill Davis
Hood River 

Vote sensibly: vote alphabetically


To the Editor:

With so much information coming at us from all directions, who knows for sure what is fact or fiction? For instance, there are rumors floating here and there that suggest the president might be a Muslim. Now if that turns out to be a fact and not fiction, who do we choose for Commander in Chief come November? A Muslim or a Morman? Well, my high school teacher always said to vote alphabetically, which is more scientific than foolishly flipping a coin in the voting booth. Therefore, since the “o” in Morman comes before the “u” in Muslim, and any alphabetically deep thinking voter would, of course, go for Mitt Romney.

By the way, I asked the Republican challenger if I could call him “Catcher Mitt” for short. My request was denied because his position is right field.


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