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25 years ago- July 16, 1987

• The Coffields decided to give their apricot tree the recognition it deserves after reading of a smaller tree on the Snake River in Hell’s Canyon, which held the previous record. “I knew it wasn’t as big as ours, so we wrote to Maynard Drawson,” said Jack Coffield. Drawson, a “big tree tracker” with record finds throughout the region, visited the Coffield ranch near SR 14 and agreed with Raymond and Jack Coffield that their tree did indeed deserve the title. At eight feet, 10 inches in circumference, the 60 foot tree is two feet greater in girth than the Snake River contender.

50 Years ago- July 12, 1962

• The Jaycees gathered early at the ranch of Leo Swan at Pleasant Valley, and with the equipment of Swan, plus trucks and tractors loaned by neighbors Vic Ganguin, Bill Anderson and Jack Davenport, by late afternoon had the barn filled with hay bales. Leo said between 1,500 and 1,600 bales were hauled from the field and stored. Swan has been ill since early this spring, with an attack of rheumatic fever, which has prevented him from doing anything but the lightest of work tasks. The hay had been baled by hired help, a work week task in which the employed Jaycees were unable to assist.

75 years ago- July 22, 1937

• Miss Hannah Bittle, welfare supervisor for the county, in Goldendale Monday stated that the CCC enlistment requirements are not as stringent as they have been, and that if a youth is unemployed he stands a good chance of being accepted if he desires CCC work. Ten youths from this county will be accepted for CCC services, perhaps more, before July 31, the termination of the enrollment period. Miss Bittle pointed out that there are now 96 courses available in vocational training and that a youth can serve as long as two years to enable him to acquire the training offered.

Compiled by Jean Allyn Smeltzer of the Klickitat County Historical Society


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