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By Grady Bradley

Two tales of customer service

Letter to the Editor


To the Editor:

I read with interest the “Customer service” story on the front page of last week’s Sentinel. As I have lived and shopped in the Goldendale area for 24 years now and have visited nearly every business in Goldendale at one time or another, I’ve come to know a bit about the state of customer service here.

Two of Goldendale’s stores represent, for me, extremes of customer service. One of them, which I won’t name, has a prominent sign on its windows proclaiming “The Friendliest Store in Town.” The other one, which I’ll name shortly, proclaims “Free Donuts/You Bring ’Em!” on its window.

I’ve shopped at the “Friendliest Store.” For many years I made a...

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Reader Comments

Connielb writes:

In response to Grady's comment, you are intitled to your opinion. I on the other hand have had nothing but GREAT service in the last 29 years from the Holcomb Sentry Market. There has not been one person in all these years that have treated me bad. Who in the heck cares if they know my name or not. Some do and some don't. Good grief Grady! How many people go through that store every single day. I can walk into Carquest and nobody knows me. Maybe smiling will help.


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