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By Lou Marzeles

Response to the city’s ‘RFP’ still being considered



In some respects it doesn’t matter who gets the state hotel/motel lodging tax funds that come to the city of Goldendale and then are used to contract out for tourism promotion. Whoever gets it, though, should be able to meet certain criteria.

By state law, these funds can only be used to draw more visitors to town. Whether or not one likes having more people show up (and some people certainly don’t), that’s all this money can be used for.

For the last few years, the money has gone to the Greater Goldendale Area Chamber of Commerce. Recently Goldendale Mayor Clint Baze took issue with how the Chamber was doing its job, and the most recent response from the Chamber was to say it would...

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Reader Comments

rzornes writes:

(Corrected spelling.) I might add a feature of the lodging tax many do not understand. State sales tax is 6.5% but for lodging the state only takes 4.5% and gives the city the 2% difference. (RCW 67.28.180) In addition the city can assess an additional 2% lodging tax for a total of 4%. That is $4 on every $100 spent on lodging back to the city. However only lodging provides the tax but in my experience the motel and RV park owners are seldom asked what is the best way to spend the money they alone generate for tourism.


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