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By E Maurin

Corruption and cover-ups in the county

Letter to the Editor


To The Editor:

I am writing in regards to a subject that many people are wondering about: why certain people in this town are given special treatment, while the majority have to live by the rules.

I am referring to the recent fire on Woodland Road, with no write-up in the paper describing the cause or any resulting fine to the persons involved. Everyone talked about it and assumed it was started by a discarded cigarette, but then the truth leaked out, and it was hushed up because of who it involved. Then a few weeks later you pick up the same paper, and there are fines issued to people for burning under a no-burn ban.

What’s going on in this county, except corruption and preferential tr...

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Reader Comments

stevewolfram writes:

Ha, you wanna ask some questions for the County Commissioners at the Public Comment Time: ask if they agree to uphold the laws of the State of Washington, then after the answer, ask Mr. Sauter why his brother John does not have a license for his trucking business... and how does John have so much money to purchase prime real estate in Klickitat County....

justathought writes:

I couldn't agree more..goldendale seems to make up there own rules an laws as they seem fit..just like how can court grant three boys to a man with domestic violenice charges mutiple charges an see that as ok when the mother has no abuse history nothing violent at also allow the man to move the kids out of state with out following the law that is wrote on their own court they wonder why more am more crimes happen here...its cause as long as u know the right people or do sumthing for the system ur as good as the heck with anyone else....this county an its court system is a flaw an corrupted as they come...but that's my opinion


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