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By Clint Pittman

Drastic measures for drastic times

Letter to the Editor


To the Editor,

I am writing in regard to Erin Gray’s letter from last week. I am the gentleman who has been holding the graphic abortion signs. I understand that the pictures of aborted babies that I am holding are emotionally disturbing. I have seven children myself and it pains me that they must be confronted with those images, but drastic times call for drastic measures. Since 1973 over 53 million children have been murdered under the guise of “choice” or “reproductive rights”. You wrote, “I don’t agree with these people traumatizing young children…”, but I must ask you what is worse, that some children will be temporarily disturbed by images of murdered children or...

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Reader Comments

Opinion writes:

Ms. Gray stated the graphic nature of the pictures would upset and scar here children which apparently is of no concern to you. Typical - care for the birth of children but not what happens to them afterwards. Guess those who oppose the wars can walk around the court house and the post office with pictures of dead troops to advance their cause. Your display of aborted fetusses hurts your cause pal.


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