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Shocked at City’s bra submission

Letter to the Editor


To the Editor,

I am a visitor to Goldendale and I visit here as much as four times a year. I was very happy to help raise money for the mammogram machine by attending last year’s black tie and blue jeans dinner. I went to the hospital to see the display of bras and I loved the idea of this. Until I saw the one from the City of Goldendale. I am appalled by this. To display a black leather bra and a whip with the City’s logo on it is in very poor taste. The display needs to be taken down and there needs to be consciences for such a rude, degrading display to women be put upon the person who entered it.


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Reader Comments

jayel1955 writes:

It is not surprizing that the City chose this particular bra as a reprentation of itself. It is a visual display of how corrupt, dark and cinister the City government has become. I believe it should have included chains because the City government whats to imprision its residents into a live of darkness and dispair.


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