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By Anita Hoosen

Dad was right

Letter to the Editor


To the Editor:

My dear old Daddy was a very wise man. In regard to elections he had a very common sense method for whom to cast a vote. Just look at your own household and ask yourself if you are happy with your grocery bill, your gas bill, your electric bill, and your retirement account. If you are not doing a little better every year, then vote against the incumbent. There is a reason we have a four-year term for the president. If he can't improve the economy in four years, then he can't improve the economy. Again, just go fill your gas tank then go buy a bag of groceries.


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Reader Comments

Opinion writes:

Then neither you nor your Dad would have voted for Lincoln for not ending the Civil War and its cost in 1964. You would not have voted for FDR because he did not solve the Depression in 4 years. Obama arrested the country going into a depression and has begun job growth at a present modest level but it is recovery. Gas prices aren't controlled by the President as well as other bills. Grocery bills are tied to farming and that is not controlled by the president. You can't equate a family budget to the federal budget. So gamble away and return the failed prior policies that brought us into this mess.


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