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By Richard Rhoades

The Word is clear

Letter to the Editor


To the Editor:

People are so inconsistent in what they believe and how they think. It is evident that they don’t believe in God or they would not go against His word, will, and way.

God created male and female and united them together as one flesh. “And God blessed them, and God said unto them, be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth.” (Gen. 1:28) But those who desire marriage (which God had instituted) in another way, as two males or two females, are of a reprobate mind as is made known in Rom. 1:26-28. Marriage was for the purpose of procreation of people on earth. People of the same gender cannot create life but only want to fulfill the lust of their own flesh. For this...

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Reader Comments

Opinion writes:

1. First, animals are known to eat their own kind. 2. Are heterosexual couples who have no children as they are barren or older not really married because they are unable to procreate? 3. To use the parlance of an Indiana Senator, homosexuality would be God's intent as he allows that about 10% of the human population is gay and lo and behold they are born to whom you believe are God's chosen people - heterosexual parents. 4. Extensive quotations from the Bible do not constitute reasoned thought - another of God's gifts.


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