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By Christopher Randall

What’s happened to Goldendale?

Letter to the Editor


To the Editor:

Hello Goldendale, my old friend. I write this letter to ask: what is it that you have become? When I was young, you were a friendly, open, warm, loving community that could give a childhood full of memories and funny stories (and I have quite a few). But here recently, you have become an overpriced, detached place where a lot of folks look the other way and take no ownership in you.

As children, we slept with the doors open, left keys in the cars, and had camp outs in the back yard. Today, I have to lock my house and vehicles if I run to the store, and we worry about letting children walk to school. If I want to live in a house that isn’t a train-wreck, I have to spend 70...

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Reader Comments

jayel1955 writes:

The City government has become impersonal and uncaring. When those in leadership exhibit such a frame of mind, the community follows suit. So that is why Goldendale has become uncaring and unfriendly. This was event several years ago when my son would come home from college. Policemen would litteraly following him for several blocks to try to catch him doing something wrong. He refuses to come there for any kind of visit. This is heartbreaking for me but after a series of recent events which have the City of Goldendale persecuting me, I understand why he does not come back.


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