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By Lou Marzeles

Local schools looking at security


Goldendale School District Superintendent Mark Heid is calling for a meeting with city police, school principals, and the district’s insurance carrier to explore new preparedness procedures in the event of a shooting incident such as last week in Connecticut.

“We’ll have the meeting our first week back” from break, Heid says. “It will be with Canfield, our insurance carrier, and [Goldendale Chief of Police] Rick Johnson and [Goldendale police Lt.] Reggie Bartkowski, and the principals in our buildings. We’re going to put things on the table and look at the police side of things.”

According to Heid, police reports suggest there are a number of options available to schools oth...

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Reader Comments

rgourley writes:

Although I respect your opinion LADYRUNYAN, I do not believe that Mr. Heid was suggesting that the children be the first line of defense in the case of an Active Shooter situation. I agree with him, as a former student at GPS, GMS and GHS that security measures needs to changed. And I also agree that there is no way I would go out without a fight, and I think a lot of the high school students would agree as well. I would rather die knowing I did everything I could do to survive and protect others than to die in a corner along side other defenseless peers.

LadyRunyan writes:

Although I can see the desire for the children to feel empowered, I feel it is ridiculous, insane, and totally inappropriate to suggest that the children, in any way, be part of the first line of defense. I absolutely agree, more needs to be done in regards to training and preparing the staff and the children for possible threats. However, the parents were never mentioned in this article and before there are any meeting with insurance companies and police, there should be a meeting called, if not in the general BOE meeting coming up, for the parents to be part of the solution to keeping our children safe. The school works for the parents and should remember our part in the process.


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