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By Tim Furlong
Letter to Editor 

Parents and schools must help


To the Editor:

The shootings have restarted a debate in Washington about what politicians can do to help—gun control or otherwise. The president on Friday called for leaders to agree on “meaningful action” to prevent killings.

Too many politicians are looking at gun control as the only way to fix the problem.

I think the very first thing Americans must do is allow God through prayer back in the classrooms. Two generations of children have not been allowed to hear about the presence of God in their schoolroom. Without God, we have no love and no hope.

The second thing Americans must do is allow our schools to teach the difference between right and wrong. The children must be taught that they have the responsibility to be accountable for their actions. Many in those two generations do not know how or why to make a right decision. How do we expect them to teach their children appropriately? Discipline policy has to be returned to the schools. Without it, we can only expect disrespect and chaos.

I say, let’s fix the needs at the classroom level. Then we may not need to debate gun control.

Write to your elected representatives. Ask that they allow our schools to help parents give their children the values needed to be responsible adults.


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