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Deputies respond to Dallesport school, arrest made for false report


Friday morning Klickitat County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO) deputies responded to an incident in Dallesport involving a child reluctant to go to school because of talk about the Mayan calendar indicating the end of the world and school shootings in other parts of the country.

Deputies came to the Dallesport area about 7:30 a.m. Friday responding to a report from a Dallesport mother whose child did not want to go to school after hearing the disturbing talk. The child was also concerned that something might happen at the local school. Deputies immediately contacted the Dallesport Elementary School officials, who placed the school into a partial lock down pending law enforcement ability to confirm further information or threats.

According to Sheriff’s Office information, KCSO Sgt. Fred Kilian later determined that the child and friends had only been discussing the incidents in general, but the talk alarmed one child. There was no information that substantiated any actual threats or intents by an individual to harm anyone.

While investigating the first report, additional deputies responded to a second call in which a juvenile reported that a subject “had made statements to harm others at either the Dallesport or Lyle schools,” KCSO reported. Believing that the reports may be linked, responding deputies alerted the Lyle School, which also resulted in a partial lockdown pending confirmation of the report.

Sheriff detectives responded to assist and follow leads to possible witnesses who were in The Dalles. Assisted by The Dalles City Police, KCSO Sheriff Detective Melissa Wykes was able to substantiate certain information. That information led to the arrest Friday afternoon of a 15-year-old boy on two charges, False Reporting of an Emergency and False Reporting to a Law Enforcement Officer.

Both the Dallesport and Lyle schools completed their school days without incident. Sheriff deputies found no further information to suggest that either school or the students were in any further danger.

During these tense hours, KCSO personnel were immediately in contact with all rural schools in Klickitat County to notify them of the situation and assess any unusual activity. Thankfully, most schools had already dismissed for the holidays.

“We will always take these types of situations seriously, responding with the necessary resources to ensure the safety of our schools and citizens,” said Sheriff Rick McComas.


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