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By Kelly Shipp
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County tax districts adjust to change in wind values


Lou Marzeles

Wind direction changing: New depreciation schedule reflects a changing wind market. Turbines currently provide one-third of County’s property value, and are expected to decrease as a result of DOR recommended changes.

The wind turbines that crown the hills to the south and east of Goldendale have been a contentious issue since they were first proposed, but recently taxpayers and officials have agreed that the current depreciation schedule for the behemoths is a cause for concern.

“I am concerned and I know that the taxpayers are as well,” says Klickitat County Assessor Darlene Johnson who spoke to the Goldendale Chamber of Commerce Luncheon on the issue on Jan 17.

The citizens were sold an idea back in the mid-2000s that by allowing the wind turbine companies to come in and erect the massive towers, their electricity bills would go down, but more importantly was the idea that the turbines and the...

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Reader Comments

5150flyer writes:

I am subsidizing the wind turbines so they can be built and now my taxes will go up as they depreciate. Where are the promised new jobs? Where is the cheap and plentiful electricity? I just got a rate increase and my neighbors' kids are leaving the area in search of work. The county allowed itself to be part of another tax payer bailout of the politically well connected. Before any more turbines are built, let’s ask tough questions, get answers in writing and hold those that profit from wind energy accountable.

wideawake writes:

This is a prime example of Assessor Johnson NOT working in the best interest of Klickitat County! David Saavedra, Program Manager of Property Tax Division with the DOR states in part, this new methodology is recommended by the DOR as guidelines and that ultimately the AO has the discretion to use it or not or make adjustments. The AO HAS the DISCRETION - she could have chosen a methodology that works best for citizens of Klickitat County instead of hiding behind and blaming the DOR for HER decisions. I hope the voters remember this in the next election, should Johnson seek re-election. Darlene Johnson is in over her head and we are paying for her incompetence.


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