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By Robert Seborer

Time to screen for mental health

Letter to the Editor


To the Editor:

The thought of some angry and deranged person with a semi-automatic weapon in a crowd makes us recoil in horror, as we should. Even more so if the crowd is little innocent children. What if these potential killers were armed with a bomb, one bomb that could kill millions? To add some perspective to our situation, we presently stockpile many of these bombs.

It is asserted that this stockpile of A bombs and H bombs is only a bluff to dissuade any other nation so armed from attacking us. However, for a bluff to work, it has to be credible, and to be credible means that there must be many who are willing to use them. Therefore I suggest that we immediately screen all of those in the chain of command—Pentagon, military personnel, congressmen, up to the commander in chief—for mental illness. Those that are found to be crazy should be relieved of their posts and required to undergo counseling and medication. Those not found to be crazy but still willing to use such weapons should be incarcerated immediately with no possibility of parole. The stockpile should be banned and dismantled. And then, as the originator of nuclear weapons, we should use all manner of persuasion and diplomacy to get everyone else to follow suite.

After this good beginning to get our priorities straight, the remaining politicians could then proceed to the next dangers to our safety, and that is the sale and sometimes gift (paid for by our taxes of course) of missiles, fighter jets, tanks, machine guns, and the like to kings, tyrants, and gangs all over the world. This must cease.

The process of gun control would now have begun. We would definitely be making some headway towards a safer world.


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