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By Rebecca Boyer

Head Start provides just that

Letter to the Editor


To the Editor:

I am writing about a federal program that is near and dear to my heart—Head Start. I have seen the start of a successful school career by my daughter who is now attending college. Head Start helped build her social skills, and she was able to participate in a variety of educational activities. This was a solid foundation to the start of her educational career. I am proud to say she is excelling academically, and I thank Head Start for their positive influence in her early education.

Currently I have an almost three-year-old son who is now in Early Head Start, and I am actively involved with volunteering for our local program. In my opinion, Head Start has only changed for the better. I enjoy seeing my son socializing with his little peers, and the way his cogs roll when doing new educational activities is a wonder to see. The individual care that Head Start gives to its children and parents is outstanding. Head Start children also receive medical and dental screenings to ensure that there are no barriers to the child’s success. The children are fed healthy meals and snacks and are always in a safe setting.

If Congress does not come to an agreement regarding the fiscal cliff, there will be sequestration on March 1—immediate, automatic cuts to our programs and others will take place. Approximately 1,000 children in the state of Washington alone will lose services—not at the end of the program year, but by this April. Cutting these programs will not save us money. These programs keep people working and they benefit the most at-risk children and families. Our children are valuable members of our society. Head Start is second to none.


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