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East District Court


February 5

•Jacob Arthur Lind: Obstruct Law Enforcement Officer (9/12/12); Dismissed per plea agreement.

•Jacob Arthur Lind: Assault 4 (9/12/12), Malicious Mischief (9/12/12); Count one dismissed, guilty plea to count two, 90 days/86 susp., fines/fees $946, 24 months bench probation.

•Jeremy Allen Takala: DWLS 3 (11/26/12); Amended to No Drivers License with ID, committed, fines/fees $250.

•Dorn Peter Thompson: No Contact/Protection Order Violation (12/1/12); Dismissed.

•Joshua P. Farnsworth: Marijuana Poss. Less/Equal 40 Grams (9/23/12); Guilty plea with 12 month deferred sentence, fines/fees $618.

•Pete Roscoe Kelley: Assault 4 (9/25/12); Amended to Disorderly Conduct, guilty plea to amended charge, 90 days/89 susp., fines/fees $723.

•Pete Roscoe Kelley: No Contect/Protection order Violation (10/28/12); Dismissed per plea agreement.

February 7

•Ashley Merrie Hutson: Speeding 12 MPH Over Limit (1/3/13); Committed, fine $113.

•Jeremy James Young: Speeding 10 MPH Over Limit (1/3/13); Deferred.

February 19

•Anthony Richard Ellis: DWLS 3 (11/29/12); Amended to No Valid License with ID, $315 bail forfeiture to amended charge.

•Jed Milo Garcia: Disorderly Conduct (10/2/11); Dismissed per stipulated order of continuance.


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