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By Robert Seborer

Geting rid of nukes makes safer world

Letter to the Editor


To the Editor:

Thanks to Rebecca Gourley for her letter last week which mutes the calls for war with Iran that some are craving for. I do have two points to make.

The fact that mutually assured destruction has worked to this date does not in fact prove that it will work in future times to prevent war. Different sides with enough power ready to use at any time to obliterate their opponents is insane.

The second point is that the USA, which initiated the atomic age and which has used these weapons to annihilate two cities and most of their inhabitants, does not have the moral authority to forbid anyone from acquiring these weapons (if in fact Iran is attempting this)

That said, a total elimination of these weapons would be a step towards a safer world. Since the USA has the largest arsenal and has a president who received the Nobel Peace Prize, the initiation of this disarmament process would begin to justify his having received this commendation.


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