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Blowmato explosion throws pulp over legislative GMO debate

GRIEVING FATHER: John Blowfish, father of the victim, was stunned to learn the fate of his mutated progeny.

Opponents of the Washington State legislature’s proposed bill to require labeling of genetically modified foods suffered a significant setback Monday when a genetically modified tomato exploded in a laboratory.

Japanese megacorporation Okidoki Enterprises, with its snappy slogan “It’s not just good—it’s Okidoki,” was testing the tomato in its Goldendale facility, located out past where the old Steadman ranch stood back before lightning struck it. (You know, back when old man Steadman had his two-headed calf—remember that? That was something.)

Anyway, so Okidoki was testing a tomato that had been modified with a gene from a blowfish. The blowfish gene was inserted into the to...

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