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By Ken McKune

I-502 a windfall?

Letter to the Editor


To the Editor:

Could we be on the brink of an economic windfall from the passage of I-502? Why should we fear the possible cultural, social, and economic renaissance that promises to dump potential millions of dollars into our struggling, cash-starved communities?

I-502 could be a reliable source of income we could use to relieve the strain on existing available monies from government or grants needed by the citizens for all the great and noble community groups and organizations we have here that need a helping hand to fulfill their chosen goals, from a community center to more daycare for our working families, whatever or however we want to spend the windfall. Is there anything wrong with the new shops and business that would be created by embracing I-502? The Chamber of Commerce and city hall are always trying to come up with clever ideas to bring people here and add money to our coffers. Should we be a destination point for the world, or should we stay mired in fear and doubt, hayseeds with no jobs, no money, and no hope?

Let’s milk this cash cow now! Tourists eat a lot of beef, drink a lot of wine, play golf, swim, and spend a lot of money when the opportunity presents itself. What are we waiting for? Let’s set a precedent and be the first incorporated city to grow it, process it, and retail it, as a community, guarded by our local police, overseen by citizens, and then go to the bank with a big deposit on our future.

I will be running for a city council position, and this will be one issue in the campaign. You will have a chance to change the path we take as a community. Please join with me, and together we win, and you don’t even have to inhale. Any other candidates out there who can see the future, please apply.

Where should we spend the first million?


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