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By Jim Fisher

Let's have more

Letter to the Editor


Let’s have more

To The Editor:

I just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed two articles in this last week’s paper: the human interest piece on Mr. Allyn and the expanded edition of “Looking Back” that featured the Timmerman hanging.

My question to you is, why can’t we see more of this? Granted, the area our paper serves is a peaceful region for the most part and can make for a rather bland news rag. I would love to see a weekly column that focused more on interesting places, things, people, and stories from the county, past and present. Aren’t there any other history buffs out there who would like to hear about a local man still living who led combat troops and defied direct orders to save their lives in World War II? Or know how a man born in 1793, more than a decade before the first white men ever laid eyes on these hills, came to be buried in the cemetery here? Does anybody wonder just how tall the grain elevator is? Wouldn’t any of you like to read a story about what it was like to fire a steam locomotive up the Swale Canyon from Klickitat over a hundred years ago? Or about the running battle troops from Fort Simcoe fought with the Yakamas just over the hills to our north, and the brass cannon they abandoned along the way that is supposedly still buried somewhere up there?

We live in a history rich place that has been full of amazing people and great stories for thousands of years. Must one browse the bookshelf at the Presby or attend historical society meetings just to get a taste?


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